Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Lessons on New Beginnings and Taking Responsibility

The past few weeks have been packed full of powerful, transforming energies. It has been hard not to notice the accelerated pace that has woven itself throughout our days. Whether it is the speed we, or others, are moving at physically, or the speed at which our thoughts are moving – things are shifting. We are being urged to move forward. When contained and not put to use, this energy may manifest as anxiety, causing feelings of restlessness or inadequacy. When utilized to its fullest, however, this energy can be incredibly productive. On a personal level, this energy can trigger maturity, deeper insight and reassessment of one’s character.  On a more grand scale, this energy can trigger an evolution of man kind.

While not commonly discussed outside of astronomy or astrology communities, eclipses come in pairs; we have been sandwiched between eclipses for the last few weeks. The first in this case, was the total solar eclipse. This eclipse took place on March 20, just hours before the Spring Equinox, in the very last degree of the zodiac in Pisces.

Combining the dreamy and idealistic energy of Pisces with the fiery, confident, initiating energy of Aries, this solar eclipse provided us with the support and inspiration needed to make changes and start manifesting our dreams. Often times eclipses indicate the ending of that which we have outgrown and the beginning of a new cycle. This motion creates a flux in energy: the metamorphosis that occurs through the cycle of death and rebirth, and the energy that is released into the universe to be redirected toward new growth and life. Initially, this cycle will often release energy that presents itself as chaos or pain. You may have felt as though your foundation was rocked, like control was/is out of your hands. It is necessary to let go of that which no longer serves us in order to make room for that which does. On the contrast, you may have felt as though the universe has gifted you – highlighted talents or traits that have previously been hidden and kept below surface, as eclipses have the tendency to bring many truths to surface, revealing that which has been concealed.

As with all celestial events, the amount and ways in which this eclipse will affect and influence each individual will vary from one person to the next. The impact of the eclipse on an individual is determined by the location and aspects of planets in one’s natal chart in relation to the current transits taking place.

The Build-up:

Before going on further, it is necessary to mention the last of 7 squares between Uranus [think: rebellious,inventive,free-spirited,humanitarian] and Pluto [think: power,evolution of the soul,uncovering secrets] took place on March 16. A square occurs when planets form a 90 degree angle to one another, creating tension between the two energies. This tension often amounts to the required pressure that action or growth is typically dependent on. Uranus and Pluto being slow moving planets suggest that the effects we will feel from these squares will be on a generational level.

This cycle of aspects began in 2012, though its effects can be felt back as early as around 2009. We can see these energies manifesting themselves in revolutionary, historical ways. IE. the Arab Spring, The Occupy Movement, uprisings across the globe, the smartphone craze, the social networking craze, the advancements in technology and the freedom or lack thereof that has come with said advancements. It is too soon after the last square to be able to determine the exact way in which this powerful period of aspects will be remembered [think: the “revolution” of the 1960’s] – but it is easy to see that this energy has triggered many to demand their voices be heard in the name of equality and justice.

The Completion of The Cycle:

On April 4,2015, we will experience the final eclipse in this pair, a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra. Straddling the relationship axis of the chart, the Sun in Aries will make an exact opposition to the Moon, creating a total lunar eclipse at 8:05 am est. Along with many other powerful connections and planetary placements, this is the culmination of the energies of the last two weeks. All of the acceleration pushing us towards this time of great truth, great revealing and great responsibility.

The full moon in Libra, and the Sun in Aries, suggest there will definitely be some changes made on the relationship front. Relationships of not only a romantic nature, but friendships, business relationships and one’s relationship to oneself will be up for revise as well. The chart suggests the possibility of issues relating to self worth, finances and security, and the need for change in regards to the way these issues are dealt with within our relationships, a transformation of some kind.

On a personal level, perhaps there is a part of your truth that is trying to surface, that you either knowingly or unknowingly are keeping repressed. Perhaps buried secrets are coming out into the open, making themselves known. If you have been struggling in a relationship and find that you keep burying the problems beneath the surface in attempt to keep from change- you may find yourself forced out of these relationships, as though your time for planning and ending things on your own terms is up.

This is an end – yes – but not the end. Really, it is just making space for a new beginning. The closure of events makes way for new doors to open, and just as this can signify the ending of a relationship- it can also signify the beginning of a new one. Regardless of which way the energy is affecting you during this eclipse, [which as mentioned earlier, is dependent on the planetary placement in your natal chart] it has a feeling of being karmic. The Pluto Uranus square takes part in this celestial dance, as the Sun and Moon both make aspects to Uranus and Pluto, tying this event in with the changes and upheaval triggered by these aspects, and the last 5-7 years.

Ultimately, this is the time for change. For becoming aware of our truth as it exists uninfluenced by the public, and allowing it to become public. It is a time for allowing ourselves to align and nurture our soul purpose without letting anyone or any fears stand in the way.

In addition to stirring matters up in relationships, this eclipse seems to carry a deeper more serious message. In this chart, each of us is being called upon to begin taking responsibility for our relationship to our environment, our oceans and our planet.

According to the Sabian Symbols, Pluto’s exact location of 15 degrees Capricorn, suggests that it is imperative for society to ensure safety of the future on this planet and eradicate conditions which would harm our children, the future inheritors of the Earth, and to work together to clean up the baggage of previous generations.

It is no secret that our planet has been undergoing great changes in the most recent years due to climate change. Still, despite the warnings; the hurricanes and storms, the melting of the arctic, rising temperatures of Antarctica, the arctic cold fronts that have been sweeping across large portions of the nation and the drought affecting California – many of us live our lives oblivious to our impact on the environment.

With Neptune, God of the Seas, about to rise above the horizon [conjunct the Ascendant], it seems likely that we will soon be getting an even more clear vision of how devastated the waters of the world are. Whether it is oil spills, the radiation from the Fukushima reactors, fracking, littering or just wasteful using of our resources – it is time to take better care of our water. As beings comprised mostly of water, that simply cannot live without water, one would think we would be more concerned about it, but this is not the case. We have been distracted, wasteful and destructive for too long, and Neptune is here with Chiron– presenting themselves in aspects to Saturn and the Midheaven signifying that we can no longer go about things in the ways in which we have been.

The combination of these energies aim to initiate a time of focused healing and acknowledgment of the condition of our oceans and the way we utilize water. It is our job [Saturn], to take responsibility for and change our sloppy, careless ways. It is time to mature as a species and transition into more sustainable lifestyles. And with all of the technological advancements we have made over the last decade, there is simply no excuse, saying that we can’t or don’t know how. Time is of the essence. There is an almost tangible energy forcing us to look at the state of our environment, all the while reminding us that just as we depend on our environment, our environment depends on us.

As most eclipse charts do, this one comes packed with a punch; one aimed particularly at our times and our actions and the way in which we relate to one another. To accompany all this change that is being urged, there are supporting aspects, bringing to light our strengths in the situation.

On the surface, it appears we are all different and very much divided. However, when it comes down to it- when we look to find common ground amongst our fellow human: how much we all depend on water, how much relationships, human interaction and security play into our lives.. we see that to live, we all need the same things. We are infact much more similar than we acknowledge. We are being called to find these similarities and to allow them to bind us and bring us together as a human race, so that we may ensure the survival of our environment and species.

The placement of Jupiter in the 6th house and Mars and Venus in the 3rd suggest that we will get farther by helping our brothers, sisters and neighbors out- than we will going solo. The job requirement that this chart entails will not be one we can do alone. It is crucial that we come together and be accountable for the damages we have done. Ideally, there will be a time to join together and celebrate the obstacles we have conquered – the main message in this chart, however, indicates that right now our focus must be on healing and repairing. The players [planets] involved, indicating that these matters are urgent.

For more information about how the energies of this eclipse and participating transits may affect you personally, email

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