Jupiter Direct in Leo : Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Today, after being retrograde since the beginning of December, Jupiter stationed direct in the sign of Leo. This joyful, bountiful planet in a playful, fun loving sign brings a lighter more enjoyable tone to our days.  This is especially welcome, after the heaviness that has been looming in the air the past few weeks,with the eclipses and the beginning of the separation of the Uranus Pluto square. Though there is still work to be done, and lots of it, there is a greater sense of optimism. We are ready to move forward, and with Jupiter heading in the same direction – making aspects to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn AND Uranus – we couldn’t be luckier.

Today the Sun, Mercury and Uranus will all be separated by a degree, putting them in conjunction to one another. With Mercury hanging out in the middle of the Sun and Uranus in Aries, it is possible to say, do or find yourself thinking of things that don’t follow suit with your normal character. There is an air of unexpectedness, spontaneity, as well a surge in creativity and confidence to discuss and express oneself. With this fiery stellium, meaning 3 or more planets clustered together with less than 5 degrees in between, making trine to Jupiter – it is important to keep one’s ego in check. Confidence is wonderful, and amidst all the changes we are making, it is a most necessary catalyst to keep things moving forward –  but we must also continue to be more aware. More aware of ourselves and how we relate to our environment and those around us. That said, it is important to note that the erratic energy from Uranus combined with the impulsiveness of Aries can lead us to find ourselves in situations we would rather not be in, some rather unsafe. [As always remember to be cautious when driving or using heavy machinery.]

In addition to the fiery stellium taking place in Aries, we also have a fiery conjunction taking place in Sagittarius. This of course intensifying the fire of the day even more. It is a day to get things done! Allow yourself to be driven by the ambitious, assertive energy of the day. As the Moon conjuncts Saturn retrograde, the two make an opposition to Venus in Taurus. This shines light on personal responsibilities that must be upheld. Saturn tends to exacerbate time restraints, boundaries and discipline- when retrograde- it indicates that it is a time to work hard and re-examine all that we have been working towards as well as a time for restructuring. The merging of Saturn retrograde and the Moon can help utilize the power of reflection and retrospect. The ability to think back and base your future actions and decisions off of how things were done, correctly or incorrectly. Have we learned our lessons? If so, what were they and how can we use this knowledge to better us as we move forward? If not, how can we improve?  With beautiful, peaceful Venus there to add into the mix – we get a sense that there is infact a light at the end of the tunnel, a pot at the end of the rainbow. For fulfilling responsibilities will bring a greater sense of love and appreciation for life and for oneself.

Along with the trines, or aspects separating the planets by 120 degrees, Jupiter will also be making a square to Mars in Taurus. Again, we see the ability to be assertive and make things happen today. As Mars’ energy is grounded by Taurus, it makes it easier to focus and direct our energy.  We are able to make our ideas more tangible. There is a calm determination urging us to keep going. As Jupiter endows its positivity, strength, optimism and the opportunity for expansiveness to each of the 6 planets it touches today, we are able to make better sense of that which has been shifting around us, tying it all together.

Though there is the possibility of overindulgence, over-looking, and the very likely possibility that we will encounter quite a bit of egocentricity -whether within ourselves or others- if we can maintain our focus, the support is there to plant and nurture the seeds we hope to harvest in the near future. 

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