Mars in Gemini: Lessons in Taming the Tongue

Yesterday, Mars made its entrance into the sign of Gemini, where it joins Mercury.

Mars in Gemini can add an aggressive or more assertive dimension to our conversations and mental self-talk. It can inspire the feeling of something burning within to be communicated, perhaps something that has been brewing for a while. As Mars is associated with passion, drive, acting out of impulse and aggression – we may find ourselves inadvertently turning conversations into arguments, as our passion quickly escalates and rides the Mars wave into the realm of aggression.

In addition, Mars is now making an almost exact opposition to Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. Though this can be a stressful aspect, further intensifying the need to make and communicate about some kind of needed change. It can also help serve as a boundary, preventing us from going too far, if we let it. Thus it can trigger a kind of retrospect, reminding us that this is part of our cycle of life and learning, and it is likely that we have been in a similar – if not the same – situation before.

Though the urge to discuss the need for change and to make things “happen” is strong internally, this is not the time to take drastic measures or make big life altering decisions. Atleast, not without some careful revision and taking a more objective view first. As Saturn retrograde indicates we must be thorough, responsible and as clear about our intentions as we can be. Martian energy can be hasty and harsh, while Saturn’s limitations often feel entrapping. Those who are mindful can benefit from the Saturn energy as we feel the need to “stop” and then perhaps the need to “retrace” where we’ve come from. This, preventing one from acting or speaking to the extreme, without considering consequences.

Mars will also be squaring Neptune. This aspect can be one of great creativity, as well as great deception and denial. Stick to the facts, but keep your ego in check. If you have found difficulty escaping the tension of Mars, finding some sort of creative or sexual outlet may prove to be a helpful release.

With Mars on its way towards Mercury, which will be stationing retrograde on May 18th at approximately 6:50 pm PST, 9:50 pm EST, the passionate, tense tone of conversation can be expected to hang around for a while longer, as we are now in the pre-shadow period, and can plan to revisit these themes again within the next 3 weeks.

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