Full Moon in Sagittarius : Practicing Patience

Tuesday’s full moon will occur at 9:19am PST, at 11° Sagittarius. The full moon represents the peak in our lunar cycle. It is a time full of great energy and is ideal for putting our ideas into action. With Sagittarius on the cusp, the feeling of needing to move forward in life is further intensified. However, there is the conflicting energy of Mercury retrograde tying into the mix, causing the opposing feeling of needing to slow down and take our time.

When the energy seems to pull and push in two different directions in time and space, it is best to remain as present as possible. Mercury is still about 10 days from stationing direct and it is likely we are still dealing with some issues from the past, and that this moon will help provide us with the energy and emotional stamina we need to successfully navigate the rest of the retrograde. With Sagittarius here pointing the way, it is likely some of these issues requiring active participation of the individual, will be magnified and focused in on. It is also likely, that along with the magnification of our issues, we will see and have a better understanding of the big picture.

Just below the horizon in the 5th house, the moon will be opposing the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Mars as well. The moon represents the core of our emotional center and with this placement, we will feel pulled to express ourselves creatively during this time. With Sagittarius, guiding this creative release, we may find our minds urging for knowledge and stimulation, or our souls longing for adventure. Whether it be learning a new song or dance, painting pictures of far off lands, visiting a museum or getting lost in a novel – it is likely the desire to bridge the two energies will be very present.

As already stated, with Mercury in the equation,disrupting means of communication in one way or another as it backtracks across its path in the early part of Gemini, there is a good chance that we will again be revisiting some themes and/or situations that may have recently resurfaced, or that something that has been out of sight or kept hidden will be communicated/revealed. With Mars as another key player, a key player who has been in the picture for quite awhile as well, adding fuel to the fire – it is likely that whatever is shared will be intensely felt- regardless of how heavy the situation actually is.

Keeping the moon company in the 5th house, is Saturn retrograde. Less than a degree from re-entering Scorpio, Saturn’s presence here in Sagittarius can cause creative or sexual blockages. Also, as Saturn is associated with time, we are reminded that time is of the essence. It is time to confront fear of criticism and allow ourselves to flourish and move forward. Though it is still not the best time to make drastic changes, it is an ideal time for planning and setting intentions for the future.

Additionally, Neptune in Pisces is making a T-square to the full moon axis, increasing the likelihood for over-reacting and drama. In the 8th house, Neptune can feel confusing, bordering on insanity. It can bring about deceptive thoughts that can cause despair. It is important to remember though that this is just part of the cycle. Just as the full moon brings high tides to the oceans, so too can it arouse the high tides of our emotional state. And, as we examine the rest of the chart – we see that although there is a heavier element to this full moon, the majority of the energy to be utilized and experienced is rooted in joy and creativity.

Sagittarius is concerned with higher education, culture and adventure – in the 5th house –  produces a rather fun, lighthearted energy. With the full moon in the house concerned with creativity and children, the energy suggests a great time for pursuing creative endeavors or family trips. Though tension may be rather high it can be channeled and expressed productively and constructively. With the stellium of planets in Gemini, in the 11th house, the energy is light, chatty, social and ideal for a good time.  With Jupiter in the first house making a sextile to Mars, the likelihood for ego encounters, including with ones own, is high – but so is the energy to look past it.

Another thing to note, is Uranus which is conjunct the midheaven in Aries, making a square to Venus conjunct the Ascendant. This can mean unexpected changes in regards to security, money or relationships. The positions of both of these planets are both important self-defining points –  suggesting that perhaps our identity, the way we view ourselves, or the way others view us may also be altered. It can also suggest beginning new adventures within relationships, or finding new solutions or ways to go about things in regards to our love or money situations. Uranus is extremely innovative and creative – combined with Venus’ love for fine arts and music –  the energies provide the ideal oomph for art/music making.

Full Moon Astroguidance:

Try not to take things too seriously or jump to conclusions. Hear others out, and allow yourself adequate time to process the information you’re told before responding, as opposed to immediately reacting.

Remember there is always more than one side to a story. Though you may not remember something happening a certain way, that does not mean that for another, that was not the reality they experienced.

Have fun. Surround yourself with good, enlightening company.

If you are feeling overly burdened and stressed –  it is a great time to explore creative pursuits.

If you find yourself dealing with relationship troubles – try to leave space for compromise. It is also advised not to take any drastic measures in making or breaking commitments until the retrograde is over on June 11.

And lastly – it is important to remember not to believe everything you hear, and to check your facts! With all the Gemini energy, there is tendency for spreading rumors, and with Mercury retrograde, for inaccurate information to be released.

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