Venus Enters Leo : An Invitation to Play and Pleasure

On Friday, June 5, warm, loving Venus will enter the sign of proud Leo. The two energies combined can feel empowering and positive – a much needed boost – as we finish up the last week of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Venus in Leo is happy and expressive. It wants to share and love, and be loved. To appreciate and be appreciated.

Venus in Leo is especially sensual; enticing and passionate. The chart for the ingress of Venus into Leo puts Venus right above the horizon. Her obvious placement emphasizes her presence and energy. Venus’ energy is tangible, associated with our most prized possessions, money and the things and people we love. It is a feminine planet, associated with nature, music and art. Venus is the beauty in the world. Her ingress into the sign of the strong, playful Lion is an invitation to play and pleasure. To enjoy life and all it has to offer, especially on the physical plane.

Jupiter, who is also in Leo, adds to the lightheartedness and fun. As well as bringing a dash of luck and a bit [maybe more] of indulgence. Jupiter is great at inspiring ideas and serves to help push things in the direction of manifestation.

With Jupiter and Venus in the Lion’s den, the energy to manifest is here for us to utilize and play with. This is a great time to channel your dreams and plan on how to actualize them. Focus and fine-tune your ideas and goals. Work on aiming your arrow of intent.

As Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini, kept company by the Sun and Mars – there is the possibility that as wonderful as the change in energy feels, that something still doesn’t feel quite right. It is likely, that as Mercury moves closer to stationing direct on June 11, information and unknown truths will begin to reveal themselves. The tendency to reflect and dissect past situations is strong –  as well as the tendency to find yourself coming up with new questions to answer. [The impact of celestial events on an individual is determined by the location and aspects of planets in one’s natal chart, in relation to the current transits taking place. For a more personalized horoscope explaining how you may personally benefit from this event, or how it may affect you, order a natal reading or contact me.]

Leo is determined and likes to make things happen, the addition of another planet to a fire sign fuels the existing clash of energies – between that of moving forward, and that of still tending to things from the past. Hold tight if you can and try to just stay present. Mercury will be retrograde for one more week – so it is best to remain cautious about starting new endeavors and/or making new commitments. I will be posting more about Mercury going direct in a few days!

With all the confidence and charisma in the air – so easy to tap into – it is also easy to cross the line and become arrogant and egotistical. Of course it is unlikely to perceive oneself that way, but be considerate of your company. Confidence is healthy, too much ego can be exhausting for the person putting on the act and the audience. Modesty is key, but that’s not something Jupiter does very well. Though there is great opportunity for fun, happy, pleasurable times – there is also the opportunity for drama and over-reacting. Be aware and be thoughtful. It is possible to avoid blow-ups by paying attention to what others around you are trying to communicate [though with Mercury retrograde, this may be easier said than done], as well as keeping a very laid back attitude and trying to see the bigger picture.

Lastly, make sure to allow for some play and leisure. As all work and no play, is definitely not the Leo way!

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