Mercury Stations Direct : Staying Dry Through The Storm Period

After spending 3 longs week retracing its orbit in Gemini, Mercury which has been retrograde since May 18th, will finally station direct on June 11. This indicating the final phase for Mercury’s retrograde through Gemini. For those of you familiar with Mercury retrograde and its effects, this doesn’t mean we are in the clear just yet! [For those of you less familiar, check out the link above.] As once it has stationed direct, there is still the storm phase to face. To those of you who have been cautious by postponing making important decisions, signing documents or committing to anything new, it is likely with all the fire in the sky, the urge to make a move is strong –  but it is still wise to err on the side of caution and practice patience.

Mercury retrograde occurs 3 times a year, for 3 weeks. During this time, it appears to be moving backwards through its orbit. In reality, Mercury is at a point in its orbit where it travels close to the Earth, between the Earth and Sun. Its position and speed relative to that of Earth’s, make it appear to be moving backwards.

When Mercury stations direct, it appears to stop and slowly begin to move forward again. As Mercury is a quick moving planet – it doesn’t take long before it appears to pick up momentum and increase in its forward motion. It takes Mercury about two weeks to finally get up to speed, and it is this period of time we refer to as the Storm phase. Storm can make it sound scarier and more intense than it really is. Just as Mercury retrograde should not instill fear, neither should the Storm phase. Awareness, however, always comes in handy. There will be no hurricane, no massive flooding. Maybe some thunder and lightening, but I suggest thinking of it, at least metaphorically, as a downpour of rain, washing away the past, hydrating plants and life. It may be dark and dreary, visibility may be low and we may not quite know where we are going – but after we are left with rainbows, blue skies and beautiful greenery – refreshed with a sense of clarity.

On June 11th, Mercury will finish its journey back to 4° Gemini, the same degree that its journey began on, on May 4. This pre-retrograde time is referred to as the Pre-Shadow period, or the part of Mercury’s orbit to be revisited during the retrograde. It is likely issues, ideas or people from this period may resurface during this time. It is also likely that any flaws or rewards related to commitments made, plans set in motion or plans pursued since then will surface.

In days leading up to Mercury’s stationing direct, we also experienced Venus’ ingress into Leo. This added new levels of intensity and dimension to an already whacky time. With Jupiter halfway through the sign of Leo, the addition of Venus’ energy into this bold sign – makes it impossible to not feel the shift in the skies.

Though the current combination of planetary energies is one of great manifestation, accomplishment and initiating change [mostly in thought process] – these things do not magically occur without some sort of spark, catalyst or disturbance. Even making the smallest of changes requires effort in doing something differently, and sacrifice in letting go of the ways of the past – disturbing the flow of our normal routines. This is exactly what Mercury retrograde serves to do. It is a wake-up call, reminding us that we are in charge of our lives. It is a sort of second chance, to review and if we choose to, to re-do.

As the planet reverses, we are pulled back – mentally, emotionally and even in some ways physically – to observe, analyze, take in, and re-evaluate our prior and current ways in order to better our future selves. Then, as it slows and begins to move forward, we too move forward –  new and improved. As the retrograde ultimately serves to help us better define ourselves, allowing for growth and integrity, and perhaps other solutions we have been in need of.

It is likely that before we get to reap the benefits of this retrograde and really move forward – we will encounter a bit more of the unexpected. This fueled by a conjunction taking place in impulsive, reactive Aries between the moon and Uranus. The combination of these energies may translate to unpredicted emotional outbursts, unexpected/random issues in relationships, the need for emotional freedom or the need to assert and address ones emotional state in order to better relate to others.

In addition to the mental madness of Mercury retrograde, and the playful, fiery energy of Leo and Aries that are seemingly currently “in charge”, we have Saturn retrograde about to move backwards into intense Scorpio. Saturn entered Sagittarius last December. This transit may bring with it people, ideas, experiences or issues from this time –  just as Mercury retrograde serves to re-evaluate things of a Mercurial nature, Saturn’s retrograde re-evaluates things of a Saturn nature. Still opposing Mercury, Saturn retrograde reminds us stick to our responsibilities, time-management and establishing boundaries.

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