Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Leo : Love, Sweet Love

On June 5th, beautiful, loving Venus joined Jupiter, the planet of abundance, manifestation and luck in the sign of Leo. It was easy to welcome the change in energy with open arms, as the mental tension and aggression from the past month had been draining to say the least. With Venus and Jupiter together in Leo, it is likely that life has felt more fun and pleasurable. It is also likely that you’ve found yourself indulging a bit more than usual, as the expansiveness of Jupiter, and pleasure-loving energies of Venus combine. Whether it be good food, drinks, spending lots of money, or just spending more time focused on fun – life has felt “warmer”, safer, more loving and comfortable.

As Venus the planet associated with love, romance and pleasure has crept closer to its conjunction with Jupiter, planet of luck and making dreams come true – the feeling of love in the air has been increasingly present. It has been reason for great celebration, as the U.S has finally declared same- sex marriage a constitutional right! This wondrous event, reflected in the skies, in the strength, wisdom and tolerance of Jupiter and Venus’ desire for love, pleasure and need to relate to others.

The loving, romantic energy in the air makes it in an ideal time to spend with those you care for most. Arrange for a date night or do something special for the one you love. The energies may also be particularly inspiring for creative endeavors – so go and paint that painting, write that novel, sing that song – allow yourself to give in to the pleasures of love and creativity. They are the gifts of the physical realm.

Along with the obvious “feel good” gifts that Venus and Jupiter bring, they also help to inspire us and show us the way.  This guidance, is a gift in its own right, but to really access and tap into those energies requires work and focus. Today, as Venus and Jupiter occupy the very same degree of the zodiac, at 21° Leo, in the 9th house, along with the blessings of love and happiness they will be bringing, they will also provide us with the faith and optimism necessary to accomplish future goals and make life happen.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, when “Jupiter and Venus [are] in the Lion’s den, the energy to manifest is here for us to utilize and play with. This is a great time to channel your dreams and plan on how to actualize them. Focus and fine-tune your ideas and goals. Work on aiming your arrow of intent.”

Though Venus and Jupiter in Leo would rather us play and enjoy, Saturn retrograde along the Ascendant adds another dimension to this story. As Saturn retrograde makes a square to Jupiter and Venus – the message is clear that though we are in the process of working toward our goal, and making changes  – to really actually “change” takes time and growth. To rid habits takes mental, physical and emotional discipline. It is easy to stop doing something for a week and claimed to have “quit”… or to initiate new habits of seemingly useless quick fix solutions for a short period of time. It is less easy to change your life and to live a different lifestyle, to make it an integral part of your thoughts and feelings and desires. To accomplish this, takes practice. Saturn is here to remind us that the power is in our hands and that it will take time and effort, but is possible.

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