Changing For The Better: Venus Rx Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury and Sun

On August 1st, Venus made it’s way back into Leo where it joined Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun. With Leo beaming its glorious glow through 4 planets there is the tendency for things to become dramatic and/or over the top, as we engage and interact with the bolder aspects of the personalities around us. Additionally, we may feel the fire in the sky fueling our passion and heightening our creativity.

Throughout the next week and a half, as Venus’ retrograde path collides with the 3 forward moving planets, we will witness a sort of planetary dance, in conjunction form. The first pair of partners will be Venus and Jupiter, then Venus will move onto dance with Mercury, then Mercury and Jupiter will have their turn to dance. Venus will continue back through Leo, and dance  its final dosey doe, as it conjuncts the Sun on August 16. With so many planets so close together in Leo – there will likely be an element of tension in the air increasing the probability of clashing egos. This tension may also fuel the need to address recent changes to our values system and project them into the outside world. However, with Venus on its backwards track, we are still re-evaluating and it is likely that that which has changed will continue to morph as Venus makes contact with each planet.

As Venus, planet of love and values, meets up with Jupiter, the planet of luck and manifestation, Mercury, the planet of communication and mental awareness, and the Sun, planet associated with our identity – we are reviewing and reconsidering what it is we want in life and what we are willing to sacrifice in order to make these ideals/things happen. Will it take being brave and bold and confronting ones fears? Will it take giving up leisure activities to spend more time focusing on improving ones skills? Will it take risking certain goals to attain others? Will it take making compromises in relationships in order to stay with the person we love? Are we content with life, with no need to make change – and if so, is that the same thing as happiness?

While we find ourselves reflecting over our values, our wants and needs –  the activity taking place in the 11th house – suggests that though we may all handle our battles differently, there is a sense of understanding on a larger scale, that each of us is struggling similarly to create balance amidst the energy’s tug of war. Turning to ones community and friends may bring unexpected comfort and bonding, as relating through “co-misery” triggers healing of deep rooted issues relating to loneliness and helps us to see that our mistakes and flaws don’t need to define us – but we can let them serve, guide and better us.

As Saturn, now direct, transits the 2nd house, our sense of reality shifts as our security is jolted. With Scorpio on the cusp and Saturn making a square to Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, things may feel scary and uncertain, yet at the same time have a comforting familiarity about them. Saturn triggers change necessary to evolve and grow and as it makes a square to our re-evaluating of that which we love and value – we are being pushed to grow, urged to blossom, move beyond our comfort zone and establish new boundaries with both ourselves and others.

With Libra on the Ascendant, making a square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus – we are given the opportunity to diplomatically address issues that have been looming beneath the surface. We are given the opportunity to see both sides of the equation, to acknowledge the ideals and emotional needs of others, as well as our own. At the same time, as much as we are still mulling over certain aspects of life, we begin to realize that though our heart may continue to fumble over what it is we want and need – our mind has already made its decision. As Pluto also aspects both the Sun and Midheaven, we are urged to confront the issues hidden beneath the surface and to begin the mental preparation needed to face whatever fears still stand in the way of completing the metamorphosis we are currently undergoing.

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