New Moon in Leo: Being Concious of Self-Talk

Just as the Moon is a key player in creating the oceanic tides, it is also a key player in the creation of our emotional tides. When the Moon is new, it is in the part of its cycle where it passes between the Earth and the Sun. During this time, the Moon and Sun appear to occupy the same space in the zodiac, from the perspective of Earth. When the Moon is new, it is a time for introspection, for us to be in touch with what we are thinking and feeling. This New Moon reminds us of the power of our thoughts and beliefs. It also reminds us of the importance of connecting to ones higher self, whether it be through meditation, being one with nature, exercise, creative expression or through peacefully practicing ones religious beliefs.

On Friday, August 14 at 7:40 am PST, the New Moon will be exact in the sign of Leo, caught between Venus retrograde and Mars in the 12th house, the energy of the Sun and Moon merge. We enter a new cycle, with our Mars’ ambition and drive pushing forward and molding us from one side and Venus continuing to re-evaluate and re-affirm our wants and needs on the other, this will be a time of learning to integrate the changes we have made or have been contemplating making. It is a time to take action, but with so much stirring in the 12th house, there is likely some hesitation, as well as mental obstacles that lay before us.

The 12th house is the bridge between our physical reality and the unconscious realm. It is the place of dreams and also the place of nightmares. It is the realm associated with manifesting our thoughts. With 4 planets taking residency here, we must be conscious of our self-talk and the path it travels. Just as our thoughts consist of our greatest dreams and desires, they also consist of our greatest fears. It is just as easy to manifest the good and wonderful, and be the cause of our success, as it is to manifest the opposite, and be our own cause of misfortune.

It is quite normal to be offended when others speak of or treat us poorly, in fact it is suggested that we rid our lives of negative naysayers who bring us down or cause us harm. We have been taught that bullying is wrong, and won’t be accepted. But what happens when the bully, who is bullying you, is you?

This is the same “you” who shares your goals, dreams and wishes – and it is telling you that you can’t, that you suck, that you don’t deserve, that you won’t ever amount to anything. And you are the ONLY one who can turn it off.

We forget this, that our minds are filled with thoughts that WE have created. Thoughts that attract our experiences to us and affect how we perceive and project all that surrounds us. Sure, we get inspiration from our environment and past experiences, but we decide how we approach the day and the world. We forget that just as easily as we can be our worst enemy, we can also be our greatest friend and ally. We just need to make the decision to love ourselves as much as we love those we are protective over. With Leo’s strong, brave, bold energy fueling the house of the unconscious – the energy is there to make peace with oneself and to begin acting in ones best interest.

With Mercury and Jupiter’s recent move into Virgo, the desire to withdraw is again reiterated. Thoughts and hopes turn inward and become more critical and serious. As Jupiter magnifies the fine print, the flaws in our plans are revealed. It may be hard to find a middle ground, moving from looking at the bigger picture to fine tuning specific details.

Furthermore, with Mercury forming an opposition to Neptune in Pisces there is the tendency to struggle with mental clarity, or to not seeing things as they are. The veil of Neptune can lead us to believe in things are not true, or to feel disillusioned and lose faith. Again, the power of our thoughts is emphasized. Participating in yoga or some sort of grounding exercises may prove particularly calming and help quiet mental chatter.

Saturn squaring the 12th house, making a trine to Mars and Chiron – encourages us to keep on going. With Venus retrograde, we are in an accelerated growth period and there is so much shifting and transforming happening beneath the surface. Try to be mindful of growing pains and don’t beat yourself up, instead treat yourself with the same TLC that you would your best friend.

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