Aries Lunar Eclipse: Conciously Moving Towards Peace

The Aries lunar eclipse will take place this Sunday, September 27 at 7:50 pm PST. Unlike the solar eclipse in Virgo that took place on September 13, which was only visible from a small portion of the planet, the Aries lunar eclipse or blood moon, will be a sight most will be able to witness, and won’t want to miss out on.

As Earthlings, we see our moon on a daily basis. Whether a sliver or a whole pie, our nights are lit by its illuminating white glow. During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, casting a red tint onto our usually white satellite. This event happens roughly two to four times a year, each time accompanied by a solar eclipse a few weeks prior or after; sometimes with more dramatic visuals than others. Sometimes with more dramatic astrological influences than others.

As mentioned in previous blogs, the specific ways in which transits may affect one another depend on where the planets are in ones’ natal chart. For deeper discussion on how the energy of the eclipse may be affecting your life, order a Starface Natal Chart, or send me an email!

Eclipses represent periods of new beginnings, and with the moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac – this energy is further stressed. We have been going through a time of reflection and transition, with the Venus retrograde we experienced in July/August, and now Mercury retrograde re-triggering the same or related issues, there is likely an anxious desire to get on with things and to really let go of that which has been weighing us down. Venus addressed this in a more physical, outward way, as it traveled backwards through bold, dramatic, over-the-top Leo. While Mercury in Libra addresses things in a more mental, introspective way – with a bit more tact and a lot less theatrics. Retrogrades, as mentioned in Re-Calibrating the Scales, are not ideal times to make new commitments or drastic changes. However, Mercury retrograde has a way of helping us to re-evaluate our thoughts and re-direct them to better serve us. With this lunar eclipse taking place in Aries in the 12th house, and with Saturn approaching 1° Sagittarius – we are being pushed into a new cycle. This cycle is likely to be one in which we find ourselves addressing the thoughts that we have on a daily basis, and how they impact our sense of balance and our sense of beauty in the world.

The moon in Aries suggests an outward expression of confidence in ones emotions and feelings, while inside there may be a struggle to align oneself with this facade. In the 12th house, the deepest part of our psyche is emphasized. The things we are thinking about, even when we don’t think we are thinking. The thoughts that have become so ingrained in our beings, that we don’t even need to think them –  we just act on them. With the moon here, more specifically the lunar eclipse taking place here, there is the power and ability to access this “space” and take control of it.

Most people in the world are on a search for peace. Whether it be world peace or inner peace, there is an innate need for each and everyone of us to find our own sense of calm and belonging in the world. It is hard to achieve this when and if your thoughts that act as your daily mental chatter are waging war inside your head. Indecisiveness that expresses as a sense of internal battle, or negative self talk so critical it is paralyzing, constantly comparing and judging oneself and accomplishments against those of others – there are many ways in which our thoughts regularly “attack” us – disturbing not only our emotional state, but our physiological state and the way in which we function and project ourselves to the rest of the world.

The moon in Aries, making a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius suggests it is time to address the thoughts that we have allowed us to define ourselves by, and to consciously aim our arrow of intent as high as we can –  allowing our belief in ourselves to soar as well. Life is a journey in self-growth, and with Saturn in Sagittarius, we feel it is our mission to better ourselves. However, with Venus, Mars and Jupiter each loosely squaring Saturn, the shift to focusing on oneself, takes energy and attention away from other areas we may be used to spending our time on. Whether this presents itself in relationships, careers, friendships or hobbies, it will likely be more of a mental and emotional shift than a shift of environment. Pay attention to what you feel. Allow this shift of perspective to see yourself more clearly, to enlighten you and to motivate you. With focused intent, a foundation of passion AND the belief in oneself, anything is possible.

Mars and Jupiter both Virgo in the 5th house suggest there may be a sense of criticism or hyper-focusing on imperfections, in regards to ones creativity, as well as a sense of sexual restriction and/or anxiety. With the moon in Mars ruled Aries, there is likely a connection between the need to calm ones thoughts and the ability to find appreciation in ones creativity and release through sexuality. Constructive criticism can be helpful, but isn’t always necessary. Sometimes all that is needed to recognize the beauty, is to simply experience the raw creative energy, to let it flow without judgement. To accept it as a form of expression and a message from the soul.

Venus, now direct in Leo, in the 4th house presents us with more positive, easy going vibes on the home front, or among “family”. Tension will still have its ebbs and flows, but it is better than the stagnant feeling that seemed to be looming during the retrograde. Again, things are shifting and transitioning.

Pluto in Capricorn, approaching a conjunction to the Midheaven and sextile to Chiron, again reiterates the change we are experiencing, and the need to be practical and methodical in our approach, as well as the importance of setting realistic goals. It may also be necessary to heal certain karmic wounds in order to evolve into the person we are striving to become. The growing pains of life are less than enjoyable, but without them, our development would be incomplete and in some cases completely halted. Doing what’s right for oneself in the long run isn’t always the choice one wants to make when they find themselves caught up in the moment, it takes being responsible, self-discipline and likely some kind of sacrifice. But in this case, there is the need for heightened awareness and to rise above the need for instant gratification.

Additionally, Mercury will be retrograde for another two weeks still. Remember to confirm details and to leave time and room for error. As well as to be mindful of your communications with others – as there is the tendency for information to be misinterpreted.

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