Aquarius Full Moon/Eclipse August 7: Channeling Our Inner Fire


On August 7th at 11:11am PST, we will experience the Aquarius full moon /partial eclipse. The chart for the lunar eclipse places Mars alongside the Sun in Leo in the 10th house, and the moon in Aquarius in the 4th house. The 10th house is associated with one’s career, public reputation and worldly status. It represents who we are in the world, our successes and our failures. While the 4th house is associated with our home, family and roots; it is personal and represents our deepest feelings.

With the eclipse straddling these two houses, emphasis is placed on these parts of our lives. We may find ourselves facing issues of courage, as this eclipse challenges our bravery. As well as issues related to one’s ego and the way one feels about how they are viewed by others, as Leo encourages us to put our boldest self forward for the world to see.

With the Sun, associated with our sense of self and purpose, and Mars planet of action, desire and drive, occupying the 10th house with courageous Leo on the cusp, it is likely we are experiencing changes regarding our career or goals, or the position we hold in the world. Leo, the sign associated with the lion, is strong, brave, creative and confident, and with the Sun here, one may feel the desire to lead, the urge to take charge on certain matters and the ability to tackle tasks that they might normally not feel capable of. Leo urges us to remember the potential of one’s personal power; one’s power to express, to create, to manifest and to grow.

The combination of the Sun and Mars in Leo can lead to egos running high. We may find ourselves or others boasting about successes, while trying to bury failures or hide that which we feel inadequate in. We must recognize that success comes in all shapes and sizes; it also doesn’t necessarily require mastery. It is however necessary to feel a sense of pride over our work and accomplishments; to reward oneself and acknowledge the outcome of one’s dedication. While it can be easy to get caught up in how much further we have to go to reach our goal, or all that we have not yet accomplished, the Sun in Leo evokes a sort of self-appreciation and gratitude; the ability to feel proud of oneself and confident in one’s skill. Many of us are often searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, but the bright, brave, fiery energy of Leo helps to remind us that the light we are in search of comes from within, and has been with us all along. Fueling the flames of our inner fire, allowing us to see our own ability to shine.

With the eclipse straddling Leo and Aquarius, we are reminded of our creative connection to the universe. There is the tendency for bursts of creative insight, for artistic visions and melodies to form and flow easily. We may also find ourselves required or desiring to use our creativity differently, in ways aimed towards one’s’ career or successes, allowing one’s’ inner light to better shine through one’s work and projects, and to feel more connected to the tasks accomplished. Feeling more brave than usual, we may even find ourselves sharing parts of our creative self that have previously been kept hidden with others.

While we are busy keeping our game face on, reaching new heights in our careers, or chasing after new goals or dreams – the moon in the 4th house, suggests it is vital that home feels like a safe space. Whether that means making sure your fridge is stocked and your house de-cluttered, or your mood lights on with your favorite candle lit – make your home a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself.

The tension between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius may find us feeling torn on many levels. As the Sun in Leo inspires us to shine and be the brightest version of ourselves, the Aquarian moon in the 4th house feels a bit more modest, shy and awkward, begging us to err on the quieter, safer side. Though the Sun encourages us to be bold, we may be too caught up in our own dissatisfaction, as the moon reminds us of goals or plans that we may have had for our younger selves that failed to pan out accordingly, leaving us feeling insufficient. We may also find we are torn between our ego’s need to lead and our ability to work with others as a team; challenging our beliefs and ways of being. For some, it can be helpful to note that while good leadership is essential, some situations are less about one’s specific ability to lead and perform, and more about the ability to work as a pack, for survival. Try to share the stage with others, consider alternative perspectives and do your best not to take things too personally. Hurt egos are usually the first to lash out.

Additionally, this tension may also lead us to explore the connection between our emotional state at home and the face we put on for the others. With the energy of the eclipses (both this Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming Solar Eclipse) weaving its way through all that we endeavor over the next few weeks, we are likely to find ourselves entering a period of transformation, full of new starts, and beginnings, and endings that we may or may not have been expecting. The energy of the eclipses also provides us with just the right combination of energy to manifest whatever our focus touches. Pay attention to your thoughts and that which you occupy your time with. Aim for passionate productivity.

Aquarius is eccentric and quirky, but emotionally, it can feel a bit cold. With the moon here, we may find ourselves feeling a bit emotionally detached. Charged by all the energy in the 10th house, we may find ourselves bringing our work or projects home with us; our thoughts preoccupied with innovative ideas and our hearts fired up with confidence.

Taking a look at the activity happening with the other planets in the chart for the eclipse, we find similar messages of change and transformation on the horizon.

Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn form an exact square, from the 1st and 3rd houses. Jupiter is massive, benevolent and magnetic, with the ability to magnify situations, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Often, however, Jupiter feels like a gift. Pluto is associated with power, destruction and rebirth; it can feel heavy and dark. But ultimately, Pluto comes along to wipe the slate clean, so that way we may begin again.

The tension between Jupiter in the 1st house in peaceful Libra and that of Pluto in the 3rd house in Capricorn, fuse to create the feeling that despite all that Pluto might be working to eliminate and disrupt, we are being gifted with great opportunity. Pluto touches the lowest point in the chart, associated with the deepest parts of ourselves, suggesting that while on the surface we appear to be feeling strong and capable – on a more personal emotional level, we are experiencing a sort of internal “renovation”. As we find ourselves sifting through and detaching ourselves from goals, or ideas, plans and responsibilities that no longer resonate with the person we have become. Though it can be bittersweet to say goodbye to dreams that once defined the person we were and goals that excited our spirits, it is a necessary step to take, if we want to make room for all that we now wish to create. At heart, the blending of Jupiter’s bounteous energy with that of Pluto’s acts as our own personal blessing in disguise.

Meanwhile, Mercury, which is in its pre-retrograde shadow period, is slowly approaching the 11° of Virgo, where it will station retrograde on August 12th. With Mercury moving at close to its slowest speed, it is likely we are beginning to feel the fuzzy-brained, disoriented, backwards energy of the retrograde. However, with Mercury stationing retrograde in the middle of eclipses, the energy may feel a bit more erratic and intense than backwards. While we should be prepared for the typical influences of a retrograde, we should also be prepared for the added flair of the eclipses.

Once retrograde, Mercury will head back through the first part of Virgo; toward Leo, where the Sun and Mars wait for the arrival of the Moon. Once in Leo, the Moon will travel past Mars, forming an exact conjunction, and meet up with the Sun. Thus, giving way to the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

The specific effects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send me an email!









Lunar Eclipse in Libra : Examining Me and We



On March 8, the Sun and Moon aligned to create the total solar eclipse in Pisces. Visible over parts of the Pacific and Indonesia, this magical celestial alignment sent us into the eclipse zone, a fast paced period of time between eclipses, full of opportunity, a feeling of awakening or revelation and a sense of spiritual growth.

Eclipses tend to come packed with an energetic punch and it is common to undergo some sort of metamorphosis while in the eclipse zone. Entering the eclipse zone as a caterpillar, with the sensation that something is changing and shifting within us, and leaving it as a butterfly. Though we may be unsure of the exact process – of how this transformation we have undergone has happened – or what it even means, we have been jolted into a new phase of being.

On March 23, at 5:00 am PST, we will experience the final eclipse in this pair, a lunar eclipse in Libra. Unlike the solar eclipse that took place a few weeks ago, that went mostly unseen by the human eye, the lunar eclipse will be visible to most of Asia, Australia and parts of North and South America. With the Libra Moon in the 7th house, opposing the Sun and Mercury in the 1st house, we are feeling the tension between our independence – the person you are – and our relationships, and the person you become, when me becomes we. The moon in Libra is diplomatic, balance seeking and appreciative of the simple things. It is romantic and harmonious, but can also feel rather detached and objective. There may be a need to justify the way we are feeling, to make a list of pros and cons in regard to situations that may have recently arisen, or to find the ability to see the “other side” to a story.

Eclipses tend to bring certain aspects of life that have not yet surfaced to a quick boil. The Moon is associated with our emotional identity, and in the 7th house is very concerned with how we relate to others. With the Moon here, it may be difficult to understand or recognize others feelings, without our own emotions clouding the situation. There is a need to own ones emotions and emotional responsibilities within a relationship, really tap into what it is you are feeling and where that feeling came from. Is there a difference between what you actually feel and what you have been taught to feel in response to a situation? Eclipses are ideal times to examine our habits and patterns and their sources, in this case – our habits and relationship patterns. What unhealthy habits or patterns do you bring to your relationships and friendships? Are these patterns that you have fallen into on your own – or are these inherited patterns that you have learned and witnessed perhaps as a child? Are your responses reflective of the person that you are? Or are they simply just habits, words and minds acting on autopilot, repeating the same story that we have seen play out many times, leading to the same predictable outcome?

The Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries in the first house, says we are becoming aware of something about ourselves and it is time to discuss this information with those around us, as well as implement it into our lives and act upon it. The Sun in the first house is proud and optimistic, but can struggle with finding a balance between humility and sense of pride. It is comfortable to be proud, to feel right, worthy and inferior – humility is much less comfortable. It is not easy to admit we are not good at something, to recognize our flaws, to note that we were wrong or perhaps simply “don’t know”. But this humility is a necessary stepping stone, one that can’t be avoided no matter how hard one tries. Sometimes in order to be right, one must first realize that they have been wrong. Additionally, it is important to recognize that being “right” once, or before, doesn’t always lead to the same outcome. Life is full of opportunities. The opportunities to acknowledge, to grow and move forward, exists just the same as the opportunity to remain in denial, to find yourself repeating the same mistake over and over again, and the opportunity for stagnancy.

With Mars in Sagittarius, conjunct the Midheaven, there is the ability to develop wisdom and strength beyond the physical situations taking place; to understand the necessity of whatever tragedy or conflict occurs on the surface, and to even find peace and meaning from it. There is also the tendency to speak one’s mind, perhaps with less of a filter than usual. Whether this results in positive or negative consequences will likely depend on your honesty and integrity regarding the situation. Be true to yourself, stand up for your beliefs and your dreams but don’t forget to consider those close to you who will also be coming from a similar place.

Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter retrograde in Virgo meet up again to form an exact square, emphasizing the connection between our careers/social status and our relationships. It may be necessary to examine our boundaries in regard to one’s career, and the amount of energy and discipline it requires to maintain one’s social status. How do these boundaries influence your relationships and what you are able to both get out and put into them? How do your relationships influence the limits you set for yourself professionally and socially? Minor tweaks here and there can lead to big improvements. It can be hard to find a balance between career obligations and relationship responsibilities – but with a little compromise – it is possible and it is also much more rewarding then constantly feeling like you are on a see-saw.

As the lunar eclipse peaks and passes, we will likely go through a relatively uncomfortable period of adjustment, just as a butterfly must adjust to its new found wings. Whatever has been brought into your awareness, whatever inner spark has been lit – pay attention to it; let it push you to improve, to grow and to be the person that you aspire to be.


The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send us an email!

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Aries Lunar Eclipse: Conciously Moving Towards Peace

The Aries lunar eclipse will take place this Sunday, September 27 at 7:50 pm PST. Unlike the solar eclipse in Virgo that took place on September 13, which was only visible from a small portion of the planet, the Aries lunar eclipse or blood moon, will be a sight most will be able to witness, and won’t want to miss out on.

As Earthlings, we see our moon on a daily basis. Whether a sliver or a whole pie, our nights are lit by its illuminating white glow. During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, casting a red tint onto our usually white satellite. This event happens roughly two to four times a year, each time accompanied by a solar eclipse a few weeks prior or after; sometimes with more dramatic visuals than others. Sometimes with more dramatic astrological influences than others.

As mentioned in previous blogs, the specific ways in which transits may affect one another depend on where the planets are in ones’ natal chart. For deeper discussion on how the energy of the eclipse may be affecting your life, order a Starface Natal Chart, or send me an email!

Eclipses represent periods of new beginnings, and with the moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac – this energy is further stressed. We have been going through a time of reflection and transition, with the Venus retrograde we experienced in July/August, and now Mercury retrograde re-triggering the same or related issues, there is likely an anxious desire to get on with things and to really let go of that which has been weighing us down. Venus addressed this in a more physical, outward way, as it traveled backwards through bold, dramatic, over-the-top Leo. While Mercury in Libra addresses things in a more mental, introspective way – with a bit more tact and a lot less theatrics. Retrogrades, as mentioned in Re-Calibrating the Scales, are not ideal times to make new commitments or drastic changes. However, Mercury retrograde has a way of helping us to re-evaluate our thoughts and re-direct them to better serve us. With this lunar eclipse taking place in Aries in the 12th house, and with Saturn approaching 1° Sagittarius – we are being pushed into a new cycle. This cycle is likely to be one in which we find ourselves addressing the thoughts that we have on a daily basis, and how they impact our sense of balance and our sense of beauty in the world.

The moon in Aries suggests an outward expression of confidence in ones emotions and feelings, while inside there may be a struggle to align oneself with this facade. In the 12th house, the deepest part of our psyche is emphasized. The things we are thinking about, even when we don’t think we are thinking. The thoughts that have become so ingrained in our beings, that we don’t even need to think them –  we just act on them. With the moon here, more specifically the lunar eclipse taking place here, there is the power and ability to access this “space” and take control of it.

Most people in the world are on a search for peace. Whether it be world peace or inner peace, there is an innate need for each and everyone of us to find our own sense of calm and belonging in the world. It is hard to achieve this when and if your thoughts that act as your daily mental chatter are waging war inside your head. Indecisiveness that expresses as a sense of internal battle, or negative self talk so critical it is paralyzing, constantly comparing and judging oneself and accomplishments against those of others – there are many ways in which our thoughts regularly “attack” us – disturbing not only our emotional state, but our physiological state and the way in which we function and project ourselves to the rest of the world.

The moon in Aries, making a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius suggests it is time to address the thoughts that we have allowed us to define ourselves by, and to consciously aim our arrow of intent as high as we can –  allowing our belief in ourselves to soar as well. Life is a journey in self-growth, and with Saturn in Sagittarius, we feel it is our mission to better ourselves. However, with Venus, Mars and Jupiter each loosely squaring Saturn, the shift to focusing on oneself, takes energy and attention away from other areas we may be used to spending our time on. Whether this presents itself in relationships, careers, friendships or hobbies, it will likely be more of a mental and emotional shift than a shift of environment. Pay attention to what you feel. Allow this shift of perspective to see yourself more clearly, to enlighten you and to motivate you. With focused intent, a foundation of passion AND the belief in oneself, anything is possible.

Mars and Jupiter both Virgo in the 5th house suggest there may be a sense of criticism or hyper-focusing on imperfections, in regards to ones creativity, as well as a sense of sexual restriction and/or anxiety. With the moon in Mars ruled Aries, there is likely a connection between the need to calm ones thoughts and the ability to find appreciation in ones creativity and release through sexuality. Constructive criticism can be helpful, but isn’t always necessary. Sometimes all that is needed to recognize the beauty, is to simply experience the raw creative energy, to let it flow without judgement. To accept it as a form of expression and a message from the soul.

Venus, now direct in Leo, in the 4th house presents us with more positive, easy going vibes on the home front, or among “family”. Tension will still have its ebbs and flows, but it is better than the stagnant feeling that seemed to be looming during the retrograde. Again, things are shifting and transitioning.

Pluto in Capricorn, approaching a conjunction to the Midheaven and sextile to Chiron, again reiterates the change we are experiencing, and the need to be practical and methodical in our approach, as well as the importance of setting realistic goals. It may also be necessary to heal certain karmic wounds in order to evolve into the person we are striving to become. The growing pains of life are less than enjoyable, but without them, our development would be incomplete and in some cases completely halted. Doing what’s right for oneself in the long run isn’t always the choice one wants to make when they find themselves caught up in the moment, it takes being responsible, self-discipline and likely some kind of sacrifice. But in this case, there is the need for heightened awareness and to rise above the need for instant gratification.

Additionally, Mercury will be retrograde for another two weeks still. Remember to confirm details and to leave time and room for error. As well as to be mindful of your communications with others – as there is the tendency for information to be misinterpreted.

Virgo New Moon: Making Room For Growth

On September 6, Venus which had been retrograde since the end of August finally stationed direct. The last 6-8 weeks have been quite an emotional ride for many, as Venus’ backwards journey likely provoked us to re-evaluate our relationships to the people and things we love most, our finances and our values. As relieving as it is to have Venus moving forward again, with all that has happened and shifted over the past month and a half, we now find ourselves in a period in which we must learn to adjust and commit to the changes we’ve decided to make.

Early in the morning on Sunday September 13, the Sun and Moon will make their monthly alignment, placing us in the lunar phase of the New Moon. Though it will not be visible to those of us in the Northern hemisphere, this is one of the more special New Moons, in which the Sun and Moon align at just the right angle, that the Earth witnesses a partial solar eclipse.  The path of totality for this partial solar eclipse is rather small, and will only be visible over the southern part of Africa and the surrounding vicinity. Though this will not be a sight those of us from the U.S will be able to enjoy,  we will be able to witness the other half of this eclipse pair – the lunar eclipse in Aries – that will take place on September 27.

During the time of a solar eclipse and New Moon, the energy is prime for planting new seeds of intent for ourselves and creating new beginnings. With the Virgo Sun and Moon opposing Chiron in Pisces, there is now a distinction between the wounds we have been healing, and ourselves. It is easy to play the role of the victim, defining oneself by conditions, mistakes or misfortunes – but with this aspect, we are being given an opportunity to see things more objectively. Taking place in the 4th house suggests the wounds being addressed may take us back to our roots. Whether that be familial roots, spiritual roots, old friends or ways of life – there may be a need to backtrack and take a more critical look at the choices we have made and where they have gotten us.

Furthermore, with the new moon squaring the Ascendant in Gemini we may find ourselves addressing some sort of duality as we become aware of discrepancies between the ideal version of oneself and the reality of oneself. This ideal self is the person our childhood self had imagined they would one day grow into; it was the story we wrote for ourselves. We decided who we wanted to be when we grew up and likely fantasized about some of the details our journey would consist of. It is possible, that some of these details, traits or goals we hoped to attain or achieve, no longer fit the person we have become. Yet without conscious awareness and reassessment – we may continue to aspire to be something or someone we have no actual desire or intent to be, acting on autopilot. Though it is important to have goals and something to aspire to, a vision for oneself, it is important to modify and allow this vision to grow with you through life instead of allowing it to trap you and bound you to an idea that does not resonate with your soul.

The solar eclipse in Virgo is the perfect time to modify our routines to better suit our needs.

Use this time to connect with yourself and set new goals. Where do you want to be in 6 months? What are you doing to get there? What have you been putting your efforts towards on a daily basis – will that get you to where you want to be in 6 months? Whether it is a healthier diet, making more money, finishing school, or making a career change – in order to mold oneself, to grow, to achieve any goal – it takes conscious effort and honestly checking in with oneself on a regular basis.

On the 17th, Mercury stations retrograde and the opposition between Neptune and Jupiter is exact. Make sure to lock in your details and facts now for any endeavors you will engage in over the next month, as details will become more obscure as the week goes on.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Lessons on New Beginnings and Taking Responsibility

The past few weeks have been packed full of powerful, transforming energies. It has been hard not to notice the accelerated pace that has woven itself throughout our days. Whether it is the speed we, or others, are moving at physically, or the speed at which our thoughts are moving – things are shifting. We are being urged to move forward. When contained and not put to use, this energy may manifest as anxiety, causing feelings of restlessness or inadequacy. When utilized to its fullest, however, this energy can be incredibly productive. On a personal level, this energy can trigger maturity, deeper insight and reassessment of one’s character.  On a more grand scale, this energy can trigger an evolution of man kind.

While not commonly discussed outside of astronomy or astrology communities, eclipses come in pairs; we have been sandwiched between eclipses for the last few weeks. The first in this case, was the total solar eclipse. This eclipse took place on March 20, just hours before the Spring Equinox, in the very last degree of the zodiac in Pisces.

Combining the dreamy and idealistic energy of Pisces with the fiery, confident, initiating energy of Aries, this solar eclipse provided us with the support and inspiration needed to make changes and start manifesting our dreams. Often times eclipses indicate the ending of that which we have outgrown and the beginning of a new cycle. This motion creates a flux in energy: the metamorphosis that occurs through the cycle of death and rebirth, and the energy that is released into the universe to be redirected toward new growth and life. Initially, this cycle will often release energy that presents itself as chaos or pain. You may have felt as though your foundation was rocked, like control was/is out of your hands. It is necessary to let go of that which no longer serves us in order to make room for that which does. On the contrast, you may have felt as though the universe has gifted you – highlighted talents or traits that have previously been hidden and kept below surface, as eclipses have the tendency to bring many truths to surface, revealing that which has been concealed.

As with all celestial events, the amount and ways in which this eclipse will affect and influence each individual will vary from one person to the next. The impact of the eclipse on an individual is determined by the location and aspects of planets in one’s natal chart in relation to the current transits taking place.

The Build-up:

Before going on further, it is necessary to mention the last of 7 squares between Uranus [think: rebellious,inventive,free-spirited,humanitarian] and Pluto [think: power,evolution of the soul,uncovering secrets] took place on March 16. A square occurs when planets form a 90 degree angle to one another, creating tension between the two energies. This tension often amounts to the required pressure that action or growth is typically dependent on. Uranus and Pluto being slow moving planets suggest that the effects we will feel from these squares will be on a generational level.

This cycle of aspects began in 2012, though its effects can be felt back as early as around 2009. We can see these energies manifesting themselves in revolutionary, historical ways. IE. the Arab Spring, The Occupy Movement, uprisings across the globe, the smartphone craze, the social networking craze, the advancements in technology and the freedom or lack thereof that has come with said advancements. It is too soon after the last square to be able to determine the exact way in which this powerful period of aspects will be remembered [think: the “revolution” of the 1960’s] – but it is easy to see that this energy has triggered many to demand their voices be heard in the name of equality and justice.

The Completion of The Cycle:

On April 4,2015, we will experience the final eclipse in this pair, a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra. Straddling the relationship axis of the chart, the Sun in Aries will make an exact opposition to the Moon, creating a total lunar eclipse at 8:05 am est. Along with many other powerful connections and planetary placements, this is the culmination of the energies of the last two weeks. All of the acceleration pushing us towards this time of great truth, great revealing and great responsibility.

The full moon in Libra, and the Sun in Aries, suggest there will definitely be some changes made on the relationship front. Relationships of not only a romantic nature, but friendships, business relationships and one’s relationship to oneself will be up for revise as well. The chart suggests the possibility of issues relating to self worth, finances and security, and the need for change in regards to the way these issues are dealt with within our relationships, a transformation of some kind.

On a personal level, perhaps there is a part of your truth that is trying to surface, that you either knowingly or unknowingly are keeping repressed. Perhaps buried secrets are coming out into the open, making themselves known. If you have been struggling in a relationship and find that you keep burying the problems beneath the surface in attempt to keep from change- you may find yourself forced out of these relationships, as though your time for planning and ending things on your own terms is up.

This is an end – yes – but not the end. Really, it is just making space for a new beginning. The closure of events makes way for new doors to open, and just as this can signify the ending of a relationship- it can also signify the beginning of a new one. Regardless of which way the energy is affecting you during this eclipse, [which as mentioned earlier, is dependent on the planetary placement in your natal chart] it has a feeling of being karmic. The Pluto Uranus square takes part in this celestial dance, as the Sun and Moon both make aspects to Uranus and Pluto, tying this event in with the changes and upheaval triggered by these aspects, and the last 5-7 years.

Ultimately, this is the time for change. For becoming aware of our truth as it exists uninfluenced by the public, and allowing it to become public. It is a time for allowing ourselves to align and nurture our soul purpose without letting anyone or any fears stand in the way.

In addition to stirring matters up in relationships, this eclipse seems to carry a deeper more serious message. In this chart, each of us is being called upon to begin taking responsibility for our relationship to our environment, our oceans and our planet.

According to the Sabian Symbols, Pluto’s exact location of 15 degrees Capricorn, suggests that it is imperative for society to ensure safety of the future on this planet and eradicate conditions which would harm our children, the future inheritors of the Earth, and to work together to clean up the baggage of previous generations.

It is no secret that our planet has been undergoing great changes in the most recent years due to climate change. Still, despite the warnings; the hurricanes and storms, the melting of the arctic, rising temperatures of Antarctica, the arctic cold fronts that have been sweeping across large portions of the nation and the drought affecting California – many of us live our lives oblivious to our impact on the environment.

With Neptune, God of the Seas, about to rise above the horizon [conjunct the Ascendant], it seems likely that we will soon be getting an even more clear vision of how devastated the waters of the world are. Whether it is oil spills, the radiation from the Fukushima reactors, fracking, littering or just wasteful using of our resources – it is time to take better care of our water. As beings comprised mostly of water, that simply cannot live without water, one would think we would be more concerned about it, but this is not the case. We have been distracted, wasteful and destructive for too long, and Neptune is here with Chiron– presenting themselves in aspects to Saturn and the Midheaven signifying that we can no longer go about things in the ways in which we have been.

The combination of these energies aim to initiate a time of focused healing and acknowledgment of the condition of our oceans and the way we utilize water. It is our job [Saturn], to take responsibility for and change our sloppy, careless ways. It is time to mature as a species and transition into more sustainable lifestyles. And with all of the technological advancements we have made over the last decade, there is simply no excuse, saying that we can’t or don’t know how. Time is of the essence. There is an almost tangible energy forcing us to look at the state of our environment, all the while reminding us that just as we depend on our environment, our environment depends on us.

As most eclipse charts do, this one comes packed with a punch; one aimed particularly at our times and our actions and the way in which we relate to one another. To accompany all this change that is being urged, there are supporting aspects, bringing to light our strengths in the situation.

On the surface, it appears we are all different and very much divided. However, when it comes down to it- when we look to find common ground amongst our fellow human: how much we all depend on water, how much relationships, human interaction and security play into our lives.. we see that to live, we all need the same things. We are infact much more similar than we acknowledge. We are being called to find these similarities and to allow them to bind us and bring us together as a human race, so that we may ensure the survival of our environment and species.

The placement of Jupiter in the 6th house and Mars and Venus in the 3rd suggest that we will get farther by helping our brothers, sisters and neighbors out- than we will going solo. The job requirement that this chart entails will not be one we can do alone. It is crucial that we come together and be accountable for the damages we have done. Ideally, there will be a time to join together and celebrate the obstacles we have conquered – the main message in this chart, however, indicates that right now our focus must be on healing and repairing. The players [planets] involved, indicating that these matters are urgent.

For more information about how the energies of this eclipse and participating transits may affect you personally, email