Venus Retrograde Aries/Pisces: March 4 – April 15


On March 4th, Venus, planet of love, beauty and pleasure, will station retrograde in the 13° of Aries and make its way back into Pisces, where it will join Neptune and Chiron. While on this backwards journey, Venus will form a conjunction to Mercuryexact on April 1st , and then head on into Pisces, where it will meet up with and form a conjunction to Chiron in the 26° of Pisces. It is here, in the very same degree occupied by Chiron, the wounded healer, where Venus will also station direct on April 15th.

This retrograde, Venus will spend the next 6 weeks backtracking to where it was on January 30th, bringing awareness or re-emphasizing certain experiences that we have had since then. It is likely the issues Venus will touch on have been consuming too much of our energy, on one level or another, and it is time to re-process, respond and move on.

When Venus is retrograde, its energy is turned inward and expressed differently than we are used to. This distorted energy may have a difficult time presenting itself in the external world, while stirring things up internally; bringing up buried desires and making us more aware of the give and take in our relationships – or lack there of.

Additionally, Venus is associated with money and valuables. As Venus stations retrograde, there is the tendency to feel shifts or experience changes in regards to ones’ finances. You may find yourself repaying or reminded of past debts. It is also a good time to do some pre-Spring cleaning, that which no longer serves you may still be of value to someone else. Recycle and reuse.

The specific ways in which Venus retrograde may manifest or express itself in one’s life depends on where Venus is located in one’s natal chart, and its relationship to other planets and points on the chart. That said, Venus is one of the inner planets and is felt personally. It plays a role in relationships and matters of the heart, as well as what one finds beautiful or attractive. It is also associated with our sense of touch and pleasure; Venus pushes us toward what feels good. When it is retrograde, there is the tendency for hiccups or changes to take place in these areas of our personality and life.

Venus begins its retrograde mid-way through the sign Aries, known for its ability to be a bit impulsive and hot headed. Aries is an energetic sign; it helps us to initiate projects, to find the strength to face conflict and the courage to stand up for oneself. However, Venus stationing retrograde in Aries can make us question this courage and strength. It can paralyze the determination of Aries and cause us to question what we want or desire. It can also lead to a sense of self-pity, feeling as though the world or universe is conspiring against you and your wants and needs, as Aries tends to bring along with it a sense of internal conflict or friction. Though in the moment, this can be overwhelming, loud and intense – if you allow it to, it can also serve as a catalyst for creating, building, manifesting and even learning to love oneself.

Though it may prove particularly difficult to meditate or quiet ones mind during these times, it is also very important and a key coping mechanism. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Try not to take others behavior too personally. Underneath the surface, we are all trying to navigate our own personal tensions within.

In addition to lessons in self-love and efficacy, the chart for Venus stationing retrograde places Venus in the 4th house suggesting we may find ourselves exploring issues related to our past, our home and the roots from which we came. We may also find ourselves exploring our familial relationships and the ways they have helped or hindered us in forming our own identity and creating future relationships. It is common to find oneself re-defining their sense of home or family; as well as the desire to make some deep personal changes, that may differ from the way one was raised to be or behave. Thus, altering our relationship to that which we have always found safe and familiar.

This sense of independence or need for change is fueled further by a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, also in fiery Aries. Mars is assertive and driven to action, while Uranus is unpredictable, rebellious and innovative. The combined energy of these two planets in the 4th house suggests the need to break free of traditional, outdated familial confinements – while at the same time pursuing ideals that we strongly resonate with. Whether it is where one chooses to live, what religious beliefs one carries with them, how one raises their children, spends their money, or who one decides to share and show their love – it is likely that there is some pretty substantial inner shifting taking place. However, as with any change or shift – there is also likely to be some disruption. Mars and Uranus acting together can be rambunctious and messy; it can also feel a bit selfish and cold.  A little bit of awareness and reflection can go a long way. Aim to do what is best for you without shunning others or casting a negative light on that which you’ve decided does not work for you.

Furthermore, Mars and Uranus are caught in an opposition to Jupiter in the 10th house, associated with career and one’s reputation. As Jupiter tends to magnify whatever it touches, there is the tendency for the issues that are re-aligning and simmering within to seep out, in turn affecting the way we are viewed by others – particularly in a professional sense. Finding healthy physical release may prove helpful in managing stress and preventing unnecessary outbursts or misdirecting anger.

Meanwhile, Saturn in the 1st house forms a trine to Uranus reminding us of the importance of discipline and boundaries. While Pluto, also in the 1st house, forms a square to Uranus and Jupiter – intensifying the need to both claim ones power and re-establish both the way one is viewed by others and the way one interprets their surroundings. Together, Saturn and Pluto in the 1st house suggests the need to let go of the idea of whom you’ve decided you are; the view that you’ve always had of yourself, in order to make room for the growth taking place and the person you are soon to become.

On April 4th, Venus will re-enter Pisces, calming the fiery energy of Aries. Our focus shifts and we are given a glimpse of the bigger picture; the feeling that we are all connected. The Aries energy that has been pushing us to focus on our wants and needs settles, as we become concerned with channeling a deeper, more unconditional version of ourselves.

On April 9th, Mercury will station retrograde in Taurus adding its own quirks to this strange, reflective time and further re-iterating the changing relationship between our desires, values and self-esteem and our sense of inner harmony.

Finally, on April 15th, Venus will arrive at 26° Pisces, where it will station direct and form a conjunction to Chiron. Though Venus will be direct and will have resumed its forward motion, things are not likely to feel quite right yet. Chiron is associated with both the awareness and healing of the deep existential wounds we carry within us. Chiron transits can be difficult and tumultuous. Often accompanied with the growing pains of life. This energy combined with Venus suggests we may find ourselves needing to face old wounds related to relationships, finances or ones’ image. The goal of making contact with these wounds is not to dwell on the misery and pain, but to go through it to the other side where healing takes place. Instead of casting aside and blocking out or disowning these wounds and parts of ourselves, we must learn to embrace them as part of one’s story.

As Venus begins to head back towards Aries, the focus shifts back to oneself and ones’ passions. Though Mercury will still be retrograde for another few weeks, and life still feels fuzzy and uncertain, it is likely the lessons of Venus retrograde will have helped us to achieve a greater sense of clarity regarding our wants and needs; as well as, a newly found confidence and trust in ourselves.

The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send me an email!

Taurus Full Moon : Re-entering the Comfort Zone

Venus has been prevalent in the skies over the last couple of months. It began with Venus retrograde in Leo (the end of July – early September) and continued on with Mercury retrograde (mid-September – early October) in Venus ruled Libra. Then Venus entered Virgo, changing up the pace and allowing us to move beyond the ties to the retrogrades. Shortly after, we experienced the Libra New Moon (second week of October) which likely continued to place emphasis on our relationships. Over the hump of the retrogrades, the Libra new moon signified new beginnings and ways of being, and a greater sense of emotional balance.

Soon, we are to experience a different more earthy side of Venus, as the Sun and Moon make their monthly opposition, giving way to the Taurus full moon, on October 27.

The chart for the Taurus full moon casts its glow, again, on the relationship angle of the chart, with the Moon in the 7th house and the Scorpio Sun in the 1st house. The comfortable Taurus full moon has a calm, safe energy.  It is likely the instability and craziness that has been stirring over the past few months has led us to more sturdy ground. For a while, we may have found ourselves in a state of limbo, unpredictability or dissatisfaction. Addressing these issues has not been easy, but we are finally on the other side. The Sun in the 1st house reminds us of the importance of focusing on our own personal self-development, outside of our relationships. By pushing ourselves and intentionally striving and aiming to be the “best” version of ourselves we can be and by living our lives honestly, in a way that resonates with our souls, we will ultimately find a greater sense of peace and comfort from our friends, family, lovers and world. Additionally, we will find ourselves able to participate more healthily in these relationships, giving and receiving love from a more pure, non-judgmental heart space. Integrity goes a long way.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house making a trine to the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter suggests that we are feeling more confident in our ways. The “scary” part is over. We feel the necessity of change. The light at the end of the tunnel is within reach. The rigidness of life becomes more fluid. However, we must remain practical and diligent about sticking to our goals. Appreciate the relief for now, but know that the stress of life is just around the corner serving to keep us on our toes and in a state of constant evolution.

Chiron in exact opposition to Venus, suggests the possibility of work related issues. As well as the likelihood that we will find ourselves called upon to be of service, in such a way that we are able to put our recently revised values/way of being, into action.

With the series of conjunctions taking place between Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo, we have the tools to make big things happen. Have faith, keep at it – trust in yourself. There is pressure to work hard and to live up to the responsibilities we have accepted and invited into our lives – but hard work often leads to results. The energies are here for us to play with. Manifest.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd house approaching a square to Neptune in Pisces in the 5th, reminds us that accomplishing any goal takes time, effort, practice and commitment, but it also takes vision, creativity and heart. With Neptune making a trine to the Sun, we are gifted. We feel our deepest creativity, dreams and desires project themselves into our reality. Anything is possible, you just have to want it and be willing to work for it.

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Mercury Stations Direct : Staying Dry Through The Storm Period

After spending 3 longs week retracing its orbit in Gemini, Mercury which has been retrograde since May 18th, will finally station direct on June 11. This indicating the final phase for Mercury’s retrograde through Gemini. For those of you familiar with Mercury retrograde and its effects, this doesn’t mean we are in the clear just yet! [For those of you less familiar, check out the link above.] As once it has stationed direct, there is still the storm phase to face. To those of you who have been cautious by postponing making important decisions, signing documents or committing to anything new, it is likely with all the fire in the sky, the urge to make a move is strong –  but it is still wise to err on the side of caution and practice patience.

Mercury retrograde occurs 3 times a year, for 3 weeks. During this time, it appears to be moving backwards through its orbit. In reality, Mercury is at a point in its orbit where it travels close to the Earth, between the Earth and Sun. Its position and speed relative to that of Earth’s, make it appear to be moving backwards.

When Mercury stations direct, it appears to stop and slowly begin to move forward again. As Mercury is a quick moving planet – it doesn’t take long before it appears to pick up momentum and increase in its forward motion. It takes Mercury about two weeks to finally get up to speed, and it is this period of time we refer to as the Storm phase. Storm can make it sound scarier and more intense than it really is. Just as Mercury retrograde should not instill fear, neither should the Storm phase. Awareness, however, always comes in handy. There will be no hurricane, no massive flooding. Maybe some thunder and lightening, but I suggest thinking of it, at least metaphorically, as a downpour of rain, washing away the past, hydrating plants and life. It may be dark and dreary, visibility may be low and we may not quite know where we are going – but after we are left with rainbows, blue skies and beautiful greenery – refreshed with a sense of clarity.

On June 11th, Mercury will finish its journey back to 4° Gemini, the same degree that its journey began on, on May 4. This pre-retrograde time is referred to as the Pre-Shadow period, or the part of Mercury’s orbit to be revisited during the retrograde. It is likely issues, ideas or people from this period may resurface during this time. It is also likely that any flaws or rewards related to commitments made, plans set in motion or plans pursued since then will surface.

In days leading up to Mercury’s stationing direct, we also experienced Venus’ ingress into Leo. This added new levels of intensity and dimension to an already whacky time. With Jupiter halfway through the sign of Leo, the addition of Venus’ energy into this bold sign – makes it impossible to not feel the shift in the skies.

Though the current combination of planetary energies is one of great manifestation, accomplishment and initiating change [mostly in thought process] – these things do not magically occur without some sort of spark, catalyst or disturbance. Even making the smallest of changes requires effort in doing something differently, and sacrifice in letting go of the ways of the past – disturbing the flow of our normal routines. This is exactly what Mercury retrograde serves to do. It is a wake-up call, reminding us that we are in charge of our lives. It is a sort of second chance, to review and if we choose to, to re-do.

As the planet reverses, we are pulled back – mentally, emotionally and even in some ways physically – to observe, analyze, take in, and re-evaluate our prior and current ways in order to better our future selves. Then, as it slows and begins to move forward, we too move forward –  new and improved. As the retrograde ultimately serves to help us better define ourselves, allowing for growth and integrity, and perhaps other solutions we have been in need of.

It is likely that before we get to reap the benefits of this retrograde and really move forward – we will encounter a bit more of the unexpected. This fueled by a conjunction taking place in impulsive, reactive Aries between the moon and Uranus. The combination of these energies may translate to unpredicted emotional outbursts, unexpected/random issues in relationships, the need for emotional freedom or the need to assert and address ones emotional state in order to better relate to others.

In addition to the mental madness of Mercury retrograde, and the playful, fiery energy of Leo and Aries that are seemingly currently “in charge”, we have Saturn retrograde about to move backwards into intense Scorpio. Saturn entered Sagittarius last December. This transit may bring with it people, ideas, experiences or issues from this time –  just as Mercury retrograde serves to re-evaluate things of a Mercurial nature, Saturn’s retrograde re-evaluates things of a Saturn nature. Still opposing Mercury, Saturn retrograde reminds us stick to our responsibilities, time-management and establishing boundaries.

Venus Enters Leo : An Invitation to Play and Pleasure

On Friday, June 5, warm, loving Venus will enter the sign of proud Leo. The two energies combined can feel empowering and positive – a much needed boost – as we finish up the last week of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Venus in Leo is happy and expressive. It wants to share and love, and be loved. To appreciate and be appreciated.

Venus in Leo is especially sensual; enticing and passionate. The chart for the ingress of Venus into Leo puts Venus right above the horizon. Her obvious placement emphasizes her presence and energy. Venus’ energy is tangible, associated with our most prized possessions, money and the things and people we love. It is a feminine planet, associated with nature, music and art. Venus is the beauty in the world. Her ingress into the sign of the strong, playful Lion is an invitation to play and pleasure. To enjoy life and all it has to offer, especially on the physical plane.

Jupiter, who is also in Leo, adds to the lightheartedness and fun. As well as bringing a dash of luck and a bit [maybe more] of indulgence. Jupiter is great at inspiring ideas and serves to help push things in the direction of manifestation.

With Jupiter and Venus in the Lion’s den, the energy to manifest is here for us to utilize and play with. This is a great time to channel your dreams and plan on how to actualize them. Focus and fine-tune your ideas and goals. Work on aiming your arrow of intent.

As Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini, kept company by the Sun and Mars – there is the possibility that as wonderful as the change in energy feels, that something still doesn’t feel quite right. It is likely, that as Mercury moves closer to stationing direct on June 11, information and unknown truths will begin to reveal themselves. The tendency to reflect and dissect past situations is strong –  as well as the tendency to find yourself coming up with new questions to answer. [The impact of celestial events on an individual is determined by the location and aspects of planets in one’s natal chart, in relation to the current transits taking place. For a more personalized horoscope explaining how you may personally benefit from this event, or how it may affect you, order a natal reading or contact me.]

Leo is determined and likes to make things happen, the addition of another planet to a fire sign fuels the existing clash of energies – between that of moving forward, and that of still tending to things from the past. Hold tight if you can and try to just stay present. Mercury will be retrograde for one more week – so it is best to remain cautious about starting new endeavors and/or making new commitments. I will be posting more about Mercury going direct in a few days!

With all the confidence and charisma in the air – so easy to tap into – it is also easy to cross the line and become arrogant and egotistical. Of course it is unlikely to perceive oneself that way, but be considerate of your company. Confidence is healthy, too much ego can be exhausting for the person putting on the act and the audience. Modesty is key, but that’s not something Jupiter does very well. Though there is great opportunity for fun, happy, pleasurable times – there is also the opportunity for drama and over-reacting. Be aware and be thoughtful. It is possible to avoid blow-ups by paying attention to what others around you are trying to communicate [though with Mercury retrograde, this may be easier said than done], as well as keeping a very laid back attitude and trying to see the bigger picture.

Lastly, make sure to allow for some play and leisure. As all work and no play, is definitely not the Leo way!