Behind Starface Astrology

I think I was about 10 years old the first time I encountered astrology. I recall driving home from school with my dad one day, when he put a cassette in his tape deck – I heard a woman speak about things I had never heard of before. “Those born in the sign of the Sun are strong, muscular and magnetic,” she said with a thick Israeli accent. She was describing the physical traits of a Leo.  Though I didn’t quite know what I was listening to, or understand it- I was drawn to it. There was something poetic and beautiful about it. I loved hearing the metaphors she used as she made connections between people and the Sun. She went on to discuss the characteristics and tendencies of those with a Leo sun, and when that tape was done, there were eleven more to listen to. I couldn’t wait! These cassettes were recordings describing the astrological traits according to the Kabbalah, which my father was a strong believer.

My dad had always been into the metaphysical world and most things esoteric. So as a child I was vaguely familiar with things like tarot, rune stones, wiccan full moon rituals and ouija boards, but none of those things hit me the way astrology did- I immediately felt it resonate with me.

Over the next few weeks, I listened to all of the astrology tapes in my dad’s car. I learned all about the traits according to Kabbalistic astrology. I was fascinated.

As a “Pisces”, I was thrilled by the fact that she knew my “eyes” were my feature. That I was compassionate and had a soft heart. That I was sensitive and intuitive and loved to daydream.

I remember connecting bits and pieces of her descriptions with people I knew who were born under those signs and being amazed at the accuracy of her interpretations.

As time went on, I continued to study astrology. I strayed from the Kabbalistic version and moved toward a more modern/evolutionary/spiritual version.

In my teen years, I struggled with the highs and lows of life. This was when I first really began to appreciate and use astrology. I remember being able to turn to astrology, noting the placement of certain planets in my chart, and make sense of the craziness that seemed to be happening all around me. It was therapeutic in a way no therapy could provide, helped me to see the bigger picture and sometimes find the solutions to my problems. It felt natural and safe to me, a feeling I was unfamiliar with in a world full of plastic and chaos.

Eventually, I began to share my astrology knowledge with close friends, and it wasn’t long before I had friends and acquaintances coming to me with their questions. Though still a novice, I was playing the role of the astrologer.

As I studied it, I continued to become more and more intrigued with it. The thought crossed my mind here and there, doing readings for people for a living, finding a way to tie in the patterns and transits in the sky to the world here below. But it also seemed kind of silly to me. Sure, my dad was very into all of this “unusual/scary/crazy/call-it-what-you-will” talk, but the rest of my family, not so much. My friends thought it was cool, but what would their parents say? Although I knew there was nothing scary or crazy about it actually, I was scared people would put me in the same category as those psychics who work from home with their giant crystal ball in the window and a sign out front that reads “Walk-Ins Welcome”, and a flashing sign in the window that says “Palm Readings $10”.That was not me. I did not want to read peoples fortunes. I was not claiming to be psychic. What I did want, was to appreciate the synchronicity in the world. I wanted to see the connections between their natal chart, the chart showing the location of the planets at the time of birth, from an earths-eye-view, and the life they live. How did their Mercury in Taurus in the 6th house present itself? Was it something that I could potentially interpret based off my knowledge of these symbols? Could I advise these people on real life situations based off of information in their birth chart?

Living in the U.S, most people are familiar with their sun sign. It is common for people to read their horoscopes in magazine or newspaper columns, to tattoo the symbol of their sign onto their bodies, or even decide whether or not to date someone based on what sign the sun was in at their time of birth. However, taking astrology any further- as a career or profession per se- has always seemed, even if only in my mind, somewhat taboo. It seems people have no problem reading their horoscopes for “entertainment”, but that many of these readers seem to forget that there is someone on the other side of these horoscopes.

There is an astrologer, someone who is skilled at reading and interpreting the positions of the planets and luminaries, someone who understands the symbols and can translate them into English. This is the path that I have found myself on, and the time to share, test, try and expand upon my knowledge is here.

I have struggled for awhile coming into my own- and seeing that this calling of interpreting the codes in the sky is not some hocus pocus nonsense – it is a gift, a rare hobby. It is something that has been a part of me since I was a girl and though I often forget, it something that most people are not fully versed in.

We forget that the ancient astronomers, the ones who discovered and named the majority of our constellations and celestial bodies, were also the very first astrologers. Without technology- they were masters at tracking the motions of the planets and watching how their transits affected life here on Earth.

Though my knowledge is very limited compared to the greats of the past and even the greats of today, I am inspired, dedicated and determined to understand the codes of the sky, and to make the connections.

Starface Astrology is my attempt to bring my knowledge of astrology out into the open. Whether it be through one of the many monthly blogs exploring the current aspects, or through interpreting personalized natal charts – my goal with Starface Astrology is not to predict the future, but to advise and offer a sort of “life-coaching/guidance by the stars” – if you will.

Please join me as I continue my studies and examining of patterns in the sky and the outer world.

Feel free to share any comments or stories of your own in the comment section!

with love and light,


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