Total Solar Eclipse in Leo August 21: The Great American Eclipse

solar eclipse

There is often great hype over eclipses. Some believe, as they did in ancient times, that they represent omens, periods of crisis and turmoil. With the dramatic visuals taking place in the sky, whether it be the reddening of the moon with the lunar eclipse, or the sudden darkening of the day sky with the solar eclipse, it is easy to see how some could have been swayed to view eclipses as menacing and unfavorable.

Over time, however, improvements in science and technology have given us a better understanding of what is actually taking place in our skies, helping to ease the negative stigma and fears of doom.

If we consider eclipses for what they are, intensified phases of the Moon, the new moon and full moon, more specifically. Wherein the earth, Sun and Moon align almost perfectly to the degree; casting a mysterious red glow on the Moon or allowing us to view the light of the crown of the Sun, peaking around the Moon – in the midst of day – it becomes easier to see them in a more positive, special, naturally rhythmic way.

Just as eclipses are created by the cycle of the Moon, eclipses represent the cycles in our lives. They often usher in new beginnings and bring about abrupt endings, triggering something within us to move forward on our path. Eclipses are about change and transformation. Sometimes eclipses present us with unexpected obstacles. These obstacles, whether internal or external, usually force us to reconnect with ourselves, to face our emotions, and to explore our own personal darkness.

While this can often feel confusing and life may seem uncertain or difficult to navigate, beneath the darkness that looms is great opportunity. Eclipses present us with a window of growth; often bringing to surface emotions, desires or memories that lay buried beneath the surface. The surfacing of these pent up parts of ourselves serves to further our development, to accelerate our advancement and to help us honor the truth of who we are.

Eclipses, which typically occur about four times a year, come in pairs. Each pair includes a solar eclipse, correlating with the new moon, and a lunar eclipse, correlating with the full moon. In the weeks leading up to the eclipses, it is common to feel energy building within us and accumulating around us. In the two weeks between these eclipses, we are seemingly propelled from one eclipse to the other. Life tends to feel fast-paced, jam-packed with feelings and change, and like we are on the verge of some sort of tipping point or breakthrough. Usually, we are.

“The Great American Eclipse”
The approaching solar eclipse has created quite a buzz among the public. While solar eclipses are rather common events, occurring 2-4 times a year, most tend to happen over oceans or less populated areas. This solar eclipse, however, nicknamed “The Great American Eclipse”, will be one that most of us in the U.S can take part in. As the moon passes in front of the Sun, it will cast its dark shadow on the United States and traverse the entire country. Beginning in the Pacific Ocean, the eclipse will reach the coast of Oregon just after 9am and move eastward on through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and South Carolina. Cities across the U.S that lay in the eclipse’s path of totality are expecting a huge surge in tourism, as travelers from all over the world flock to witness this magical celestial event. While only those directly in the path of totality will get to experience the darkening effect of the eclipse, those outside the path of totality will be able to view some of the magic in the sky as well. Los Angeles will get to witness a partial solar eclipse with about 63% of the Sun blocked by the Moon, while views from New York will show as much as 71% of the Sun blocked out.

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 Additionally, many in the astrological community have been curiously awaiting this eclipse, anxious to see the way in which its events cumulate regarding U.S politics and more specifically, the U.S. President. This eclipse occurs in the 28° of Leo, the very same degree that was on the horizon at the time of President Donald Trump’s birth. This degree also opposes the Moon’s position in the Sibley chart for the United States. All of this suggests that some powerful changes are in store for both the U.S. and the American President.

The 28° of Leo is a point of focus for reasons of other astrological significance as well. In addition to the eclipse taking place here, this is also the point that Mercury will station direct in once it completes its retrograde. The fact that both of these astrological events take place within the same degree closely connects and ties together the more personal intentions of the retrograde and eclipse; intentions inspiring us to recognize our inner strength, to be bold, face our demons and to welcome the uncertainty of change in with open arms.

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Total Solar Eclipse In Leo
On August 21st, the Sun and Moon will meet up in the 28° of Leo for the much anticipated “Great American Total Solar Eclipse.” This eclipse is a culmination of the powerful transformative energy that has been building over the last month or so, particularly the last few weeks since the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th.

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Leo is an exciting, dramatic, exuberant sign that enjoys living life to the fullest and being the center of attention. Associated with the Lion, the king of the jungle, Leo possesses an air of regality and a natural sense of authority. Leo is strong, expressive and magnetic with the heart of the performer.

With the Sun and Moon merging together in the Leo, our sense of self and purpose aligns with our emotions. Mars, also in Leo, adds our drive and will power to the merging energies of the self. The combination of the Sun, the Moon and Mars channeling the energy of Leo suggests we are likely to be feeling bold, strong and ready to take charge. It is time to move forward, to make some big personal changes and in some cases to make our mark on the world.

All of the fiery energy in the sky suggests that egos are likely to be running high; the desire to be recognized, seen and heard is in full force for many of us. Mars in Leo also adds a flair of aggression to the air and can increase feelings of possessiveness. During this time, it can be easy to get caught up in our own viewpoints, what we want and think without considering the thoughts or wants of others. If leadership is the aim here, it is important to remember that it is those leaders who learn to work with others and consider the wants of the people that are often remembered as most impactful. If on the other hand, you find yourself simply involved in conflicts or discussions of opposing perspectives – try to listen to others and give them the benefit of the doubt. Make it your mission to treat others the way you want to be treated.

With so much heightened energy in Leo, we are being driven to express our truest self. However, with the intensity of the eclipse triggering a sense of transformation and growth within all of us, the way in which we are “driven” is likely to present itself as lessons where we find ourselves forced to face uncomfortable encounters with authority figures, or intimidating situations where we feel we as though we must prove ourselves. These situations, while often provoked by outside stimuli, are likely to feel personal – shedding light on our inner demons,  darkness, feelings of failure and inadequacies. While this can feel scary, sometimes painful andsend us into a sort of  “fight or flight” mode, the intention of this energy is not to leave us feeling helpless but to fuel our strength. The Leo energy provides us with just the right tools and determination to connect with our sense of courage and bravery and to recognize the light that shines within.

Like in the chart for the Lunar eclipse, all of this energy is being channeled through the 10th house. This placement emphasizes our position in the world, our successes and failures in our career and public reputation. With the Sun, Moon and Mars here, we are again being encouraged to put our boldest self forward for the world to see. Unlike the sky two weeks ago where the Sun and Moon sat in tense opposition to each other that represented an element of discrepancy between our ego and emotional self, the new moon / solar eclipse now unites these parts of us and creates more focused intention. However, as the element of free will is always part of the equation with astrology, it is up to us what we choose to focus this intention on.

Additionally, with so many planets in Leo in the 10th house, we are being challenged to push ourselves to go the highest level: to be the best that we can be, the most creative and authentic versions of ourselves and express the parts of us that we have been too inhibited or shy to share. We must recognize that though we may not feel as though our thoughts or talents are “good enough” or worth sharing, failing to acknowledge and share one’s essence only serves to damper one’s inner light and diminish one’s personal sense of power. Leo encourages us to know our ability, to believe that we can achieve that which we put our heart and mind to, and to trust in our own experience.

While the eclipse emphasizes moving forward and more extroverted behavior,Mercury retrograde making its way towards the eclipse in Leo has the tendency to make us feel like we are taking one step forward and two steps backwards. And, although Leo is sociable, chatty and loves to have a good time, Mercury retrograde in Virgo can feel more introverted and shy. With so much change taking place within all of us, it is important to respect the process of transformation. It is easy to over-do it with so much “can do” energy in the air. Listen to your body. If you need a little time to yourself to recharge – make sure you take it.

The eclipse also forms a square to Uranus in the 6th house. Uranus is unpredictable, rebellious and progressive. It pulls us away from the status quo, reinforcing the idea of individuality and uniqueness. Uranus in the 6th house associated with service, can feel victimized and insecure. Uranus in the 6th house is also, tensely squaring the eclipse, and as such, can create some pretty explosive energy thatleadsto incredible innovative ideas and solutions to problems and issues of the past. However, it can also display as rambunctious, wild and selfish – giving way to potential conflicts, protests and acting out in order to make oneself heard or noticed. Leave room for others to act as they will, this is not likely to be the time to talk someone out of their ways.

Meanwhile, Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd house trines both the eclipse and Uranus, urging us to be responsible. We must be responsible to ourselves; to provide for ourselves and to create a safe place for ourselves. This responsibility fuels Uranus and fuels the changes the planet is pushing for us to implement to  help us make the transformation that the eclipse has inspired within us. Saturn’s presence here also reminds us of the importance of hard work and discipline. It is often easier to blame others for one’s’ shortcomings and failures than it is to own up to them, but does scapegoating really ease the feelings of incompetency? Saturn in the 2nd house helps us to achieve our goals by bridging the connection between the effort we put into our work and our self esteem.

While this eclipse marks the climax of the energies that have been building over the last month, it does not necessarily signify that the end is here. Though the intensity is likely to start tapering off, whatever has surfaced during the eclipse will probably take a bit to sink in. Mercury’s retrograde helps us to continue refining and redefining ourselves for another two weeks as it inches towards the 28° of Leo, the same degree the eclipse took place in. Once it arrives there on September 5th, Mercury will slow down and station direct where it will resume its forward motion. Though the energies may not have completely subsided at that point, we are likely to feel more sure-footed with the changes we have made and be more comfortable in the new skin we have created for ourselves. The eclipse will have left its mark on us and within us.

The specific effects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send me an email!


Aquarius Full Moon/Eclipse August 7: Channeling Our Inner Fire


On August 7th at 11:11am PST, we will experience the Aquarius full moon /partial eclipse. The chart for the lunar eclipse places Mars alongside the Sun in Leo in the 10th house, and the moon in Aquarius in the 4th house. The 10th house is associated with one’s career, public reputation and worldly status. It represents who we are in the world, our successes and our failures. While the 4th house is associated with our home, family and roots; it is personal and represents our deepest feelings.

With the eclipse straddling these two houses, emphasis is placed on these parts of our lives. We may find ourselves facing issues of courage, as this eclipse challenges our bravery. As well as issues related to one’s ego and the way one feels about how they are viewed by others, as Leo encourages us to put our boldest self forward for the world to see.

With the Sun, associated with our sense of self and purpose, and Mars planet of action, desire and drive, occupying the 10th house with courageous Leo on the cusp, it is likely we are experiencing changes regarding our career or goals, or the position we hold in the world. Leo, the sign associated with the lion, is strong, brave, creative and confident, and with the Sun here, one may feel the desire to lead, the urge to take charge on certain matters and the ability to tackle tasks that they might normally not feel capable of. Leo urges us to remember the potential of one’s personal power; one’s power to express, to create, to manifest and to grow.

The combination of the Sun and Mars in Leo can lead to egos running high. We may find ourselves or others boasting about successes, while trying to bury failures or hide that which we feel inadequate in. We must recognize that success comes in all shapes and sizes; it also doesn’t necessarily require mastery. It is however necessary to feel a sense of pride over our work and accomplishments; to reward oneself and acknowledge the outcome of one’s dedication. While it can be easy to get caught up in how much further we have to go to reach our goal, or all that we have not yet accomplished, the Sun in Leo evokes a sort of self-appreciation and gratitude; the ability to feel proud of oneself and confident in one’s skill. Many of us are often searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, but the bright, brave, fiery energy of Leo helps to remind us that the light we are in search of comes from within, and has been with us all along. Fueling the flames of our inner fire, allowing us to see our own ability to shine.

With the eclipse straddling Leo and Aquarius, we are reminded of our creative connection to the universe. There is the tendency for bursts of creative insight, for artistic visions and melodies to form and flow easily. We may also find ourselves required or desiring to use our creativity differently, in ways aimed towards one’s’ career or successes, allowing one’s’ inner light to better shine through one’s work and projects, and to feel more connected to the tasks accomplished. Feeling more brave than usual, we may even find ourselves sharing parts of our creative self that have previously been kept hidden with others.

While we are busy keeping our game face on, reaching new heights in our careers, or chasing after new goals or dreams – the moon in the 4th house, suggests it is vital that home feels like a safe space. Whether that means making sure your fridge is stocked and your house de-cluttered, or your mood lights on with your favorite candle lit – make your home a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself.

The tension between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius may find us feeling torn on many levels. As the Sun in Leo inspires us to shine and be the brightest version of ourselves, the Aquarian moon in the 4th house feels a bit more modest, shy and awkward, begging us to err on the quieter, safer side. Though the Sun encourages us to be bold, we may be too caught up in our own dissatisfaction, as the moon reminds us of goals or plans that we may have had for our younger selves that failed to pan out accordingly, leaving us feeling insufficient. We may also find we are torn between our ego’s need to lead and our ability to work with others as a team; challenging our beliefs and ways of being. For some, it can be helpful to note that while good leadership is essential, some situations are less about one’s specific ability to lead and perform, and more about the ability to work as a pack, for survival. Try to share the stage with others, consider alternative perspectives and do your best not to take things too personally. Hurt egos are usually the first to lash out.

Additionally, this tension may also lead us to explore the connection between our emotional state at home and the face we put on for the others. With the energy of the eclipses (both this Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming Solar Eclipse) weaving its way through all that we endeavor over the next few weeks, we are likely to find ourselves entering a period of transformation, full of new starts, and beginnings, and endings that we may or may not have been expecting. The energy of the eclipses also provides us with just the right combination of energy to manifest whatever our focus touches. Pay attention to your thoughts and that which you occupy your time with. Aim for passionate productivity.

Aquarius is eccentric and quirky, but emotionally, it can feel a bit cold. With the moon here, we may find ourselves feeling a bit emotionally detached. Charged by all the energy in the 10th house, we may find ourselves bringing our work or projects home with us; our thoughts preoccupied with innovative ideas and our hearts fired up with confidence.

Taking a look at the activity happening with the other planets in the chart for the eclipse, we find similar messages of change and transformation on the horizon.

Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn form an exact square, from the 1st and 3rd houses. Jupiter is massive, benevolent and magnetic, with the ability to magnify situations, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Often, however, Jupiter feels like a gift. Pluto is associated with power, destruction and rebirth; it can feel heavy and dark. But ultimately, Pluto comes along to wipe the slate clean, so that way we may begin again.

The tension between Jupiter in the 1st house in peaceful Libra and that of Pluto in the 3rd house in Capricorn, fuse to create the feeling that despite all that Pluto might be working to eliminate and disrupt, we are being gifted with great opportunity. Pluto touches the lowest point in the chart, associated with the deepest parts of ourselves, suggesting that while on the surface we appear to be feeling strong and capable – on a more personal emotional level, we are experiencing a sort of internal “renovation”. As we find ourselves sifting through and detaching ourselves from goals, or ideas, plans and responsibilities that no longer resonate with the person we have become. Though it can be bittersweet to say goodbye to dreams that once defined the person we were and goals that excited our spirits, it is a necessary step to take, if we want to make room for all that we now wish to create. At heart, the blending of Jupiter’s bounteous energy with that of Pluto’s acts as our own personal blessing in disguise.

Meanwhile, Mercury, which is in its pre-retrograde shadow period, is slowly approaching the 11° of Virgo, where it will station retrograde on August 12th. With Mercury moving at close to its slowest speed, it is likely we are beginning to feel the fuzzy-brained, disoriented, backwards energy of the retrograde. However, with Mercury stationing retrograde in the middle of eclipses, the energy may feel a bit more erratic and intense than backwards. While we should be prepared for the typical influences of a retrograde, we should also be prepared for the added flair of the eclipses.

Once retrograde, Mercury will head back through the first part of Virgo; toward Leo, where the Sun and Mars wait for the arrival of the Moon. Once in Leo, the Moon will travel past Mars, forming an exact conjunction, and meet up with the Sun. Thus, giving way to the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

The specific effects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send me an email!









Venus Retrograde Aries/Pisces: March 4 – April 15


On March 4th, Venus, planet of love, beauty and pleasure, will station retrograde in the 13° of Aries and make its way back into Pisces, where it will join Neptune and Chiron. While on this backwards journey, Venus will form a conjunction to Mercuryexact on April 1st , and then head on into Pisces, where it will meet up with and form a conjunction to Chiron in the 26° of Pisces. It is here, in the very same degree occupied by Chiron, the wounded healer, where Venus will also station direct on April 15th.

This retrograde, Venus will spend the next 6 weeks backtracking to where it was on January 30th, bringing awareness or re-emphasizing certain experiences that we have had since then. It is likely the issues Venus will touch on have been consuming too much of our energy, on one level or another, and it is time to re-process, respond and move on.

When Venus is retrograde, its energy is turned inward and expressed differently than we are used to. This distorted energy may have a difficult time presenting itself in the external world, while stirring things up internally; bringing up buried desires and making us more aware of the give and take in our relationships – or lack there of.

Additionally, Venus is associated with money and valuables. As Venus stations retrograde, there is the tendency to feel shifts or experience changes in regards to ones’ finances. You may find yourself repaying or reminded of past debts. It is also a good time to do some pre-Spring cleaning, that which no longer serves you may still be of value to someone else. Recycle and reuse.

The specific ways in which Venus retrograde may manifest or express itself in one’s life depends on where Venus is located in one’s natal chart, and its relationship to other planets and points on the chart. That said, Venus is one of the inner planets and is felt personally. It plays a role in relationships and matters of the heart, as well as what one finds beautiful or attractive. It is also associated with our sense of touch and pleasure; Venus pushes us toward what feels good. When it is retrograde, there is the tendency for hiccups or changes to take place in these areas of our personality and life.

Venus begins its retrograde mid-way through the sign Aries, known for its ability to be a bit impulsive and hot headed. Aries is an energetic sign; it helps us to initiate projects, to find the strength to face conflict and the courage to stand up for oneself. However, Venus stationing retrograde in Aries can make us question this courage and strength. It can paralyze the determination of Aries and cause us to question what we want or desire. It can also lead to a sense of self-pity, feeling as though the world or universe is conspiring against you and your wants and needs, as Aries tends to bring along with it a sense of internal conflict or friction. Though in the moment, this can be overwhelming, loud and intense – if you allow it to, it can also serve as a catalyst for creating, building, manifesting and even learning to love oneself.

Though it may prove particularly difficult to meditate or quiet ones mind during these times, it is also very important and a key coping mechanism. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Try not to take others behavior too personally. Underneath the surface, we are all trying to navigate our own personal tensions within.

In addition to lessons in self-love and efficacy, the chart for Venus stationing retrograde places Venus in the 4th house suggesting we may find ourselves exploring issues related to our past, our home and the roots from which we came. We may also find ourselves exploring our familial relationships and the ways they have helped or hindered us in forming our own identity and creating future relationships. It is common to find oneself re-defining their sense of home or family; as well as the desire to make some deep personal changes, that may differ from the way one was raised to be or behave. Thus, altering our relationship to that which we have always found safe and familiar.

This sense of independence or need for change is fueled further by a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, also in fiery Aries. Mars is assertive and driven to action, while Uranus is unpredictable, rebellious and innovative. The combined energy of these two planets in the 4th house suggests the need to break free of traditional, outdated familial confinements – while at the same time pursuing ideals that we strongly resonate with. Whether it is where one chooses to live, what religious beliefs one carries with them, how one raises their children, spends their money, or who one decides to share and show their love – it is likely that there is some pretty substantial inner shifting taking place. However, as with any change or shift – there is also likely to be some disruption. Mars and Uranus acting together can be rambunctious and messy; it can also feel a bit selfish and cold.  A little bit of awareness and reflection can go a long way. Aim to do what is best for you without shunning others or casting a negative light on that which you’ve decided does not work for you.

Furthermore, Mars and Uranus are caught in an opposition to Jupiter in the 10th house, associated with career and one’s reputation. As Jupiter tends to magnify whatever it touches, there is the tendency for the issues that are re-aligning and simmering within to seep out, in turn affecting the way we are viewed by others – particularly in a professional sense. Finding healthy physical release may prove helpful in managing stress and preventing unnecessary outbursts or misdirecting anger.

Meanwhile, Saturn in the 1st house forms a trine to Uranus reminding us of the importance of discipline and boundaries. While Pluto, also in the 1st house, forms a square to Uranus and Jupiter – intensifying the need to both claim ones power and re-establish both the way one is viewed by others and the way one interprets their surroundings. Together, Saturn and Pluto in the 1st house suggests the need to let go of the idea of whom you’ve decided you are; the view that you’ve always had of yourself, in order to make room for the growth taking place and the person you are soon to become.

On April 4th, Venus will re-enter Pisces, calming the fiery energy of Aries. Our focus shifts and we are given a glimpse of the bigger picture; the feeling that we are all connected. The Aries energy that has been pushing us to focus on our wants and needs settles, as we become concerned with channeling a deeper, more unconditional version of ourselves.

On April 9th, Mercury will station retrograde in Taurus adding its own quirks to this strange, reflective time and further re-iterating the changing relationship between our desires, values and self-esteem and our sense of inner harmony.

Finally, on April 15th, Venus will arrive at 26° Pisces, where it will station direct and form a conjunction to Chiron. Though Venus will be direct and will have resumed its forward motion, things are not likely to feel quite right yet. Chiron is associated with both the awareness and healing of the deep existential wounds we carry within us. Chiron transits can be difficult and tumultuous. Often accompanied with the growing pains of life. This energy combined with Venus suggests we may find ourselves needing to face old wounds related to relationships, finances or ones’ image. The goal of making contact with these wounds is not to dwell on the misery and pain, but to go through it to the other side where healing takes place. Instead of casting aside and blocking out or disowning these wounds and parts of ourselves, we must learn to embrace them as part of one’s story.

As Venus begins to head back towards Aries, the focus shifts back to oneself and ones’ passions. Though Mercury will still be retrograde for another few weeks, and life still feels fuzzy and uncertain, it is likely the lessons of Venus retrograde will have helped us to achieve a greater sense of clarity regarding our wants and needs; as well as, a newly found confidence and trust in ourselves.

The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send me an email!

Cancer Full Moon – 1/12/17



Early on the morning of Thursday, January 12, 2017, the Cancer full moon will be exact. At the moment that the moon forms its exact opposition to the Sun, creating what we see on Earth as the full moon, it will also be caught up in a larger, more rare aspect, known as a Grand Cross. A Grand Cross is a tense planetary aspect made up of 4 or more planets, located 90 degrees apart from one another, giving way to 2 sets of oppositions and/or 4 squares.

While full moons tend to trigger emotions by revealing that which has been hidden or brewing beneath the surface, Grand Crosses typically present us with challenges or difficult events that demand we must act or change our ways. The energy of the Grand Cross is an accumulation of built up tension that has had no way to release; pent up energy that we have been repressing while we go about tending to the many things that require our attention, ignoring the calls or whispers from within. Though the goal is for this energy to push us forward, toward something different though still familiar; the method tends to feel a bit more brutal, as the lessons we find ourselves presented with can feel as though we have no choice in the matter but to change and evolve.

With the Sun and Moon, opposing each other in Cancer and Capricorn, and Jupiter and Uranus opposing each other in Libra and Aries, this Grand Cross will highlight a sense of fusion of the Cardinal energies of the sky; emphasizing a need for movement, for change and evolution; but also, a need for the freedom to act and be true to ourselves without judgment or restriction.

The full moon straddles the 2nd and 8th houses, with Cancer and Capricorn on the cusps, respectively. The Moon in Cancer in the 8th house can feel intensely emotional, as the moon is associated with our emotional identity and the 8th house, with the darker aspects of life and self.

We may find ourselves undergoing a period of rebirth, examining the deepest parts of our personal truths, elements of our sexuality and spirituality, as well as the fine line that exists between the two.

Meanwhile, the energy of the Sun tugs on the Moon from the 2nd house, associated with money, stability and self-esteem. With Capricorn on the cusp, and Pluto just a few degrees away from the Sun, there is likely sense of goals and/or financial shifting taking place, as well as a feeling of being “changed” and trying to better understand one’s personal sense of power.

The rest of the Grand Cross action takes place in the 5th and 11th houses, where Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra create the second opposition. Uranus, which has a rather erratic energy to it, is concerned with individuality, invention and pursuing things beyond the status quo. Uranus in headstrong Aries, in the 5th house associated with play, children and release, can feel like the need to do something new or differently. There may be a need to pursue new hobbies, to find a new way to “play” in life and explore your surroundings. As well as the need to break the mold, not just for self-satisfaction, but for release and for the room to grow in the direction of our dreams.

Jupiter is a huge, expansive, healing planet with the ability to magnify that which it touches. It is also associated with luck, a sense of benevolence and spirituality. With Jupiter in Libra, in the 11th house associated with our social circles and sense of community, we are being reminded of the resourcefulness of our friends. Whether it be a shoulder to cry on, the right contact to guide you on your way, or simply someone to validate your feelings or experience, there is a good chance that many of the answers being sought after can be found within the realm of ones social circle. With all that is conflicting within, there exists great ability to find healing in those we surround ourselves with.


The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send me an email!

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 4/28/16-5/22/2016



On April 28, Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus, joining Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in this backwards phase. With so many planets currently retrograde, many of us are definitely feeling the funk; fuzzy brained, slow motion reality, indecisiveness and a general feeling of discontentment with life.  There may be a sensation that we have been here before, as we find ourselves reviewing, re-doing and revisiting themes from the last several months.

Mercury retrograde is an Earthly “optical illusion” where Mercury appears to be moving backwards, for 3 weeks, 3 times a year. During these times, one may notice “things” of a mercurial nature tend to go a bit awry.

As Mercury rules communication, we may find issues arise in all the many forms we use to communicate today, as well as with all those we communicate with. Mercury retrograde will affect everyone differently, however those who have strong Virgo, Gemini energy or highly aspected Mercury in their charts, may notice these periods of time to feel particularly frustrating. [With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, those with highly aspected Taurus or Venus will also feel the tug a bit more.]

As Mercury slows to station retrograde, our logic and abilities to reason may slow down with it. Most will notice their thoughts become sluggish, while at the same time creating a scatterbrained effect. It is common for listening and staying focused for extended periods of time to prove more difficult than usual; and to find that in the midst of a conversation you lose your train of thought. This often accompanied by the thought/feeling that “nothing is going right or according to plan.”

As legal agreements and contracts also fall under Mercury’s ruling, it is best not to sign or commit to anything new during these times. Retrogrades are ideal for re-visiting ideas, jobs, or relationships from the past, but attempting to begin or commit to new endeavors during these periods can backfire and is not recommended. With the constant change and the rather peculiar way of Mercury retrograde, it can be hard to predict what the outcome of situations will be. There is the tendency for whatever was agreed upon in said contract to change once Mercury goes direct.

However, in today’s world, it is difficult to stop from functioning and living in a “forward” motion. Many people find themselves in situations or careers where they must sign agreements or initiate new projects, life happens and deadlines are set, waiting until Mercury goes direct is not an option. It would be wise to be extremely cautious when/if you do find yourself in these situations, that all facts are thoroughly discussed and all fine print is carefully gone over (and over and over again). Though there are many inconveniences of its nature, (re-doing things over again being one of them) Mercury retrogrades can serve as a time for slowing down and really taking a good look at what is happening in our lives and how we can redirect things and make them better. There is no reason for fear or withdrawal from life, (though you may feel a bit more introverted during these times) but there is the need for heightened awareness, clear intentions, patience and preparation.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is a good time to expect the unexpected. Delayed flights, traffic jams at odd hours, computer/electronic malfunctions and miscommunications are often a very obvious part of the experience. Preparation is key to avoiding and overcoming such obstacles during this time. Some ways one can prepare are: allowing for more time to get from point A to point B, making copies of important documents, backing up computer files and double checking details you wouldn’t normally think twice about. When Mercury is retrograde, plans seem to never quite be set, life feels wobbly and uncertain. Leaving room for error and time for backtracking is helpful, while being uptight and trying to “fight” against the current will likely prove a waste of energy. Though we may consider these things to be inconvenient to our daily lives, they serve to help guide us. Underneath the mental fog and distractions is opportunity. Practice going with the flow.

While Mercury is retracing its path, there is increased mental ability to use retrospect in a positive way. To reassess the way we have done something, to revisit old ideas and thoughts- things that we didn’t commit to at the time but find new reason to appreciate now. There is support for reconnecting with old friends, rekindling old flames as well as the likely hood that current relationships will be under scrutiny and review. It is common for old relationship issues that have been brushed aside to rear their head, and it is likely that with the flux in communication, it will be difficult to deliver the message so both in conversation are on the same page. It may be necessary to confirm that your message is heard and comprehended by the other party in the way in which you intended, and to make sure that you are hearing and understanding others correctly too. It is important to note, that this is really not the time to take drastic measures. Do not do anything that you cannot undo – if necessary.
—Excerpt from an older Starface Blog, available here.

As Mercury approaches the 23° of Taurus on Thursday, at 10:20am PST it will appear to slow to a stop, and then slowly begin retracing its path of the last two weeks. Taurus is associated with stability, ones’ sense of security (inner, physical and financial), and the ability to persevere and strive no matter what obstacles may be in the way. It is ruled by Venus, and is therefore also associated with things of a sensual nature, that which we find pleasure in, as well as matters of the heart. With Mercury stationing retrograde here, it is likely we will find ourselves feeling rather uncomfortable and our lives rather precarious. There may be issues surrounding what we normally consider our security blanket, where we find that that which once kept us safe, brought us peace or helped set our mind at ease might not offer the same level of comfort it once did. Shifting perspectives present us with dilemmas, as we find ourselves torn between choosing that which has always seemed safe, and that which we know will bring us future security. In addition to the usual quirks and inconveniences of Mercury retrograde, with Taurus in the picture, there is likely an instinctive response to withdraw and become self-reliant, or hide away. If you find yourself giving into hermit-like tendencies, allow yourself the necessary solitude, for it is truly in the quiet times alone, that you may reconnect with and regain your inner strength and momentum.

Mercury stationing retrograde in the 11th house finds us re-evaluating our ideas, beliefs and the social groups and networks we find ourselves to be members of. We will likely be considering how safe we feel among the groups in which we consider ourselves a part, and the stability or lack thereof, that it brings to our lives. Do the groups you are a part of bring out the best in you? Do you feel supported, like you are able to be true to yourself? Or do you find you must wear a mask to fit in?  There may be a need to re-create one’s group identity, perhaps taking on more responsibility or relinquishing some so others may uphold their part. As the 11th house is also associated with the earnings of the 10th house, or our career, there may be a need to look at and reassess how we handle our successes, whether it be money, social status or power.  We also may find there to be some sort of connection with the “outcome of our efforts” and some emotional stirring that is taking place within our closest relationships.

With the Moon and Pluto both in Capricorn, making a trine to Mercury retrograde, we are likely to experience a deep urge to express our emotions, to speak what we feel and think. However, with Mercury retrograde, there is a very good chance that those expressed emotions will be shared in such a way that they feel cold and detached, this likely leading down a road of one miscommunicated encounter after another. Try not to assume or finish others sentences. Practice your listening skills. Give yourself and others space; physical space, mental space, and a safe space to share and be without judgement. In removing judgment for others, you may notice that you lighten the load on the judgments you hold against yourself.

Meanwhile, Mars retrograde in the 5th house squaring both Neptune and Jupiter puts an extra big damper on our sense of creativity, sexuality and overall sense of fun. There may be difficulties letting go and managing stress; and activities which may usually bring pleasure and or release may lead down a frustrating road of anxiety and criticism. It would be wise to question whether being unnecessarily harsh on yourself or others is likely to produce the intended results. Know the difference between constructive criticism and being an asshole, and do your best to avoid the latter, but recognize that with the ease in which things are likely to be miscommunicated, it might be safer to just bite your tongue for now.

As with all retrogrades, the next few weeks will be full of ups and downs and lots of backwards. Focus on planning ahead and going with the flow. Make sure to allow for some alone time, let your mind wander and your thoughts and creativity flow. Aim to be present in your body, getting a massage or some kind of bodywork can really help provide some much needed grounding, especially when everything feels so up in the air. But most importantly, remember to be gentle with yourself and with those around you, a little TLC really does go a long way.

The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send us an email!

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Pisces Total Solar Eclipse : A Window of Opportunity, March 8, 2016

solar eclipse

Less than a week after ringing in the 2016 New Year, Mercury stationed retrograde in the 1st degree of Aquarius and made its way back through the latter half of Capricorn. The beginning of the year, a time normally associated with resolutions, consciously changing our habits and taking responsibility for ourselves and the way in which we live, became a time of pause, review, reflection and distraction.  It is common to enter the New Year with a positive, ambitious mindset; that you will finally take charge of the changes you want to make and quit the habits that must be broken. However, with the fog, interferences, unpredictability and backwards tug of Mercury retrograde – it is likely many of our resolutions and goals have spent more time on the back burner than they have guiding us to make the positive changes we had intended. It isn’t that these ideas, plans or thoughts have escaped us – in fact, there is a good chance that these ideas continue to brew and simmer beneath the surface, giving us a little kick in the butt every now and then to remind us to get back on track – but they have not been our driving force.

For more on Mercury retrograde, check out Reclaiming Your Power.

 It is easy to give into the obstacles life throws at you, to give up on pursuing dreams and fall into the trap of “making ends meet”, or managing struggle after struggle. It can be much more difficult to take responsibility, to confront your inner demons and to realize that maybe the reason you’re floundering is because you have yet to take responsibility. Maybe the reason you have not been able to save money, is because you continue to spend it unwisely. Or the reason your relationships are not fulfilling, is because you, yourself, have failed to acknowledge your own needs; and the reason you have not lost weight – because you have not changed your diet or begun exercising. It is easy to blame life and others for the actions we are too scared or lazy to take – but, that is not likely to get us very far on the road to accomplishing our goals and happiness. So, why settle for defeat, when you could just as easily choose success?

We are about to enter a time of great possibilities and revelation. The perfect combination of celestial energies to breathe life into our dreams and intentions, and help us to implement the changes we must make in order to better cope and thrive, both emotionally and physically, will soon be upon us. An alignment of planets in Pisces, including a total solar eclipse, forming aspects to Jupiter and Saturn, will soon provide us with the gifts of opportunity, insight and manifestation.

On March 8, at about 5:57 pm PST, shortly after the Sun and Moon disappear below the horizon, the total solar eclipse will peak over the Pacific Ocean and parts of Indonesia. Eclipses typically occur in pairs, a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, separated by two weeks. These two weeks, the eclipse zone, tend to present us with opportunities, tools and clues, as well as a time of rapidly accelerated growth and bringing to light issues that we have kept in the dark, either consciously or unconsciously. They are windows of chance and the ideal time to integrate new habits and end toxic patterns.

Pisces represents the last phase in a cycle, the metamorphosis that occurs when the leaves of autumn fall and the flowers of spring sneak up on us.  Pisces is a compassionate, creative sign. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, it is associated with dreams, intuition and the ability to manifest and heal. Pisces is the bridge to the other side of consciousness, the thin veil that separates the thoughts we think and emotions we feel, from the physical world that we experience in front of us.

This eclipse in Pisces represents a kind of spiritual culmination. In the New Year, we move forward in time, according to our calendar year. With this new moon/solar eclipse, we are given the chance to move forward spiritually, according to our souls calling.

With the eclipse making a conjunction to Chiron, and Mercury and Neptune close by in Pisces, in the 6th house, there may be an overwhelming sensation of everything happening all at once. The Sun and Moon, both representing different facets of our identity, our ego and emotional identity, merging together in the house associated with our daily tasks, health, work and the way in which we refine our skills – suggests an inner alignment or awakening between our thoughts and heart; there is a need to practice what you preach, and for the way you view yourself, to align with the person that you actually are. With honest self-examination and an objective perspective, awareness will develop and likely direct our attention back to plans and life changes that we may have pushed to the side in the past. It is time to consciously refine our daily routines, improve our ability to cope, take responsibility for our health and make our lives a more accommodating environment for our successes to grow.

Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant in Virgo is opposite all the action in Pisces. Jupiter is associated with luck, gifts and opportunities. It is expansive and benevolent and with its energy tied into the equation there is even more support in manifesting that which our intent is focused. However, misguided intent is still intent, so it is important to pay attention to your thoughts and be responsible for the world you envision, especially since Jupiter in Virgo can feel anxious and critical. Positive thoughts will lead to positive changes, while negative thoughts will likely only bring about more distraction. Own your personal power, aim your arrows high and as always, be gentle with yourself and those around you.

Saturn midway through Sagittarius in the 3rd house forms a square to both Jupiter and the stellium in Pisces, adding a sense of order and helping us to know there is purpose in all that we have been experiencing.

The acceleration of the eclipse zone is likely to be felt throughout the next few weeks, until March 23, when the Moon and Sun create the lunar penumbral eclipse, bringing an end to this round of eclipses.

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The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please fill out the form below




Leo Full Moon; Mercury Stations Direct, Conjuncts Pluto: Here Comes Change


On Thursday, January 21st, Mercury, currently retrograde, began its conjunction with Pluto, planet of transformation, rebirth and regeneration. What might normally be a relatively quick and subtle aspect is exacerbated and lengthened as Mercury retrograde backtracks past Pluto in the 15th° of Capricorn to the 14th°, where it stations direct. At this point in the retrograde cycle, Mercury is moving at its slowest speed. Once stationed direct, it appears to come to a stop and then reverses direction, passing by Pluto once more and entering the storm period of the cycle. Because Mercury is retrograde and moving so slowly during this time, its transit with Pluto will be felt, emphasized and at work longer than usual.

However, before Mercury stations direct, a midst the conjunctions with Pluto, the energies are pulled to focus on the Moon, as we experience the Leo full moon, exact Sunday, January 24th at 5:46 PM PST. This adding a sense of drama and flair to the air, as well as the potential for a lighter, playful energy to our Sunday evening, before the heaviness ensues and Mercury stations direct. Leo adds a creative element to this transforming time. The Full Moon, hitting the 12th and 6th houses in the full moon chart suggests this is a good time to establish creative routine, find release. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is a bold sign, it is expressive and strong. This full moon reminds us of our part in creating our destiny in the world around us. As we engage with our environment, we have the choice as to how we greet our day, how we seize our day and how we react or respond to situations. Through this time of transformation, where many feel as though the world is shifting beneath their feet, it is important to remember the role our personal creativity plays in the life we manifest for ourselves. The Leo full moon is here to remind us of this power, the power we do have, when it may not feel like there is much power to be had.

During this time some deep changes are being urged and in a sense forced into our lives – pushing us all a little further on our personal evolutionary journeys. Adding to this already intense Plutonian energy that will fuel the next week or so, Mercury stations direct in the 8th house of Pluto co-ruled Scorpio on Monday, January 25th at 1:50 PM PST. This is a time of change, like it or not. Whether in regard to relationships, finances, career, matters at home, or how we present ourselves – the universe has bigger plans for us, and it is likely that beneath the stress and distractions of life, we also have bigger plans for ourselves. Pluto has the tendency to remove the unnecessary, the glitz and glamour and show you what needs addressing. Mercury’s slow visit here, implying the need to really think about what we are getting ourselves into, to really learn and dive into the details of the matter, but also implying a change in our awareness, and the need to expand our minds beyond their current limitations. Pluto, acting as a molding force.

Pluto aspects have the tendency to feel difficult and heavy, bringing about the growing pains of life as we mature emotionally and spiritually. The chance for crises and confusion is just as likely as the opportunity to achieve resolution, and to eventually find comfort in the changes taking place. Aim for patience with yourself and with others, especially over the next few weeks. You truly do not know the battles others are fighting, as you fight your own. Compassion and understanding go a long way, both personally and socially.

Furthermore, Mercury stationing direct and entering its storm phase brings up issues, commitments, conversations and plans we have made or encountered over the last few weeks, since Mercury stationed retrograde on January 5th. As Mercury made its way back through Capricorn, it is likely miscommunications, delays and revisions were common – especially in the work environment and and in regard to achieving goals. These set backs causing us to examine the structures of our lives; our homes, routines, money, authority and in some cases our bodies. For more on Mercury’s retrograde through Capricorn, check out Reclaiming Your Power. This retrograde through the earth sign Capricorn associated with the material world, has been more tangible than Mercury’s retrogrades of 2015 through the air signs. Though the specific effects of the retrograde differ person to person, based on where it is currently transiting ones natal chart, as well as where and how prevalent Mercury and its associated signs and houses are in one’s natal chart – the overall inconveniences, technological malfunctions, and miscommunications are easily felt by all during these times, as well as being re-visited by ideas and people from our past.

As Mercury reaches the 14th° of Capricorn, where it stations direct, the inconveniences and typical Mercury retrograde anomalies will reach a peak, and then slowly begin to subside as Mercury completes its storm phase, and regains its speed. During retrogrades, it is generally not advised to make any commitments, sign new agreements or begin new impulsive projects, and it is during Mercury’s storm period that the unseen fine print, or overlooked details regarding these new endeavors tend to present themselves. The completion of the storm period, and this retrograde cycle ends on February 15th in the 1st° of Aquarius. Life stops feeling so backwards, and though we are still wobbly and unsure of this new metamorphosis we have undergone, though the fog is still thick and difficult to navigate through, with both feet on the ground, we feel as though we can move forward more easily with a greater sense of purpose and power.


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