Mercury Stations Direct 9/21, Sun Enters Libra 9/22: From Perfection to Balance


On Wednesday, September 21st, Mercury will station direct in mid-Virgo after spending the last 3 weeks retrograde. Mercury is associated with communication and the way in which we receive information. It is also associated with our thoughts and with our ability to listen.

Mercury retrograde is an “Earthly” optical illusion, where Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky. During this time, things associated with Mercury tend to act unpredictably.  Life usually feels a bit slower, plans tend to fall through or not pan out accordingly, miscommunications are on the rise, while details often slip through the cracks. Mercury retrograde also has the tendency to fog our thoughts, distract our minds and sometimes, depending on where Mercury falls in ones’ chart, can trigger a bit of depression. The goal of the retrograde is not to bring you down or make you feel crazy, but to get you to slow down enough to objectively look at your situation and make some changes. Living in a fast paced world, it is easy to get so caught up in what we are doing that we neglect to actually direct ourselves or make sure we are in alignment with where we intend to go. Mercury retrograde helps us to self-reflect and grow, by causing us to pause, to re-think and to re-adjust our perspectives and lives.

In addition to the typical inconveniences associated with Mercury retrograde, it is likely that this retrograde through Virgo also marked a period of self-refinement and skill-tuning. It turned our focus inward, as we worked on self-integration and self-acceptance; resulting in a new awareness of the separate parts of us: our thoughts and dreams, experiences and feelings, as well as our physical body and spiritual light. These parts of us are like puzzle pieces, and with this transit, perhaps we have found a new appreciation for our own personal puzzle or in some cases figured out a new way to put the pieces together, re-inventing ourselves as we discover what we are made of.

As Mercury stations direct, we are sent into the 2-week long final phase of the retrograde, the storm period. As Mercury slows to reverse its direction, the wacky retrograde energy comes to a peak. Information that has been kept secret or lurking beneath the surface tends to reveal itself. Issues regarding commitments or agreements made during the retrograde, wherein the fine-print was not noted, become more apparent. Though Mercury is now moving in the right direction, we are not quite out of the retrograde cycle yet, and as we examine the rest of the chart – it appears there is still more change, up ahead.

Looking deeper into the chart, Mercury stations direct in the 4th house, associated with home, family and roots, amid forming aspects to the Gemini moon, the Ascendant, and Pluto. With this, we are feeling somewhat emotionally detached and somewhat emotionally strained. There may be the need to discuss matters related to home or family, address things from our familial past, and/or pressure to make some domestic changes.

The Gemini moon conjunct the Ascendant, opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, suggests the need to make your emotional information useful, especially when it comes to relationships. Though it seems obvious, as humans, we have the tendency to fall into patterns and allow them to dominate our mode of function. We take our emotional information and toss it out the window. Maybe we get our hearts broken over and over again, or we have the habit of surrounding ourselves with people who are untrustworthy, or who really don’t have our best interests at hand. Or, maybe you have a tendency to be moody and lash out at those close to you, to manipulate others, or take advantage of those who care for you. Whatever the case may be – your emotional intelligence is a valuable tool and resource. Be mindful of your ways. Pay attention to the feelings this retrograde has triggered within you.

How can you learn from and effectively use these feelings to grow?

Let your emotions fuel and educate you. Whether they seem positive or negative, there is the need to really listen to your body and self; to recognize that your emotions are there to guide you, to help inform your rational mind about what you’re intuition is experiencing. Acknowledge what you feel and trust in yourself.

On Thursday, September 22nd, less than 24 hours after Mercury stations direct, the Sun will reach the Autumnal equinox, and join Venus and Jupiter in Libra. At the time of the equinox, the amount of daytime and night time is relatively equal. There is a sense of balance in the air, as the amount of light and darkness in our days begin to level out. With the Sun entering Libra, comes a sense of calmness and the ability to see things from a more objective position. As the anxious energy of Virgo begins to subside, our attention moves from perfecting to achieving a sense of inner peace. The Libra need for balance and equilibrium becomes more apparent in our days and thoughts. Life begins to feel lighter and less rigid.

The Sun’s energy combined with that of Jupiter and Venus in Libra creates the right environment for manifesting that which is needed in order to achieve a sense of internal stability. This trio is also associated with pleasure-seeking and a sense of generosity. Be open to the gifts life has to offer, look for the little things, and appreciate the synchronicity that weaves its way throughout our experiences.

The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please send me an email!


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Venus in the Mix: Venus Conjunct Pluto , February 5, 2016

Planet Venus. Image shot 2003. Exact date unknown.


Mercury and Pluto made the last of their conjunctions on Saturday, January 30.

Whatever changes we may have found ourselves thrust into over the past few weeks are likely to be evolving, as we either fight the flow of the currents, or embrace the journey we are on.

As the energies of the past few weeks begin to morph, the theme of change continues to be ever present, as Venus meets up to form a conjunction with Pluto on February 5. The energy of Venus, planet of love, pleasure, values, finances and beauty, merges with that of Pluto, planet of abrupt change, power and transformation.

Unlike Mercury, which is concerned with awareness and things of more of an abstract nature, Venus is associated with that in the tangible world, that which we can see and feel. It is likely that the merging of Venus and Pluto will bring the changes of the Mercury Pluto conjunction, that have taken place over the last few weeks, into our lives in a more physical way. What has changed or is in the process of changing in your physical world?  Whether we find ourselves with new financial burdens, learning to live or work differently than we are used to, expressing ourselves differently in relationships or even something as simple as getting a new haircut – the inner morphing triggered by the Mercury Pluto conjunction is seeping though to the world around us. It is time for things to play out, to live this change.

As mentioned in Leo Full Moon/Mercury Conjunct Pluto: Here Comes Change,

“Pluto aspects have the tendency to feel difficult and heavy, bringing about the growing pains of life as we mature emotionally and spiritually. The chance for crises and confusion is just as likely as the opportunity to achieve resolution, and to eventually find comfort in the changes taking place. Aim for patience with yourself and with others, especially over the next few weeks. You truly do not know the battles others are fighting, as you fight your own. Compassion and understanding go a long way, both personally and socially.”

Venus aims for comfort and pleasure, so there is a good chance that regardless of how uncomfortable these new ways of being may feel, there will also be an element of safety and balance helping to pull you through to the other side. In fact, Venus presents the opportunity to view these changes as a positive thing, something that will ultimately make you feel good; align you with your goals, and embrace your values.

As Venus rules romance as well, Venus Pluto aspects have the tendency to put a lot of emphasis on relationships (especially of the heart). This may feel like a moment of extremes, power struggles vs. devotion. Pay attention to what you are feeling and where your thoughts go.  From a realized feeling of intense dedication or commitment to a loved one, to an all-or-nothing ultimatum, to dramatically claiming to remain single forever – there is a possessiveness over that which we love and brings us comfort, there is a need to regain a sense of control or to at least to feel in control through all the change and shifting we are undergoing. You may find, however, that in letting go of certain issues, rather than trying to dominate them, you are able to better achieve balance and maintain your personal sense of power.

As Pluto strips away the superficial layers, helping us to shed that which no longer serves us and to really own our individual evolutionary journey, it is important to remember that kindness and gratitude go a long way.

On February 6th, the moon will join in on all the fun in Capricorn. The quick moving luminary will aspect Pluto, Venus and Mercury all within 24 hours, and then move on to Aquarius where it will join the Sun.  With this, our emotions are fused with all that is happening. First, facing the change in its meeting with Pluto, then seeing the bright side with Venus, and finally analyzing and beginning to really soak it all in with Mercury. Use this time to connect with yourself. Drawing, meditation, free-writing, or getting out in nature may offer a sense of grounding and light.

It is easy to be overwhelmed when your mind is trying to absorb so much at once, when there is much to address and responsibilities feel burdensome – give yourself space to feel and to process, but most importantly try to be gentle with yourself and with others.

The specific affects of planetary transits differ based on where planets are located in one’s natal chart and where the current planets are transiting. The above is a general forecast based off a chart designed for the aspect discussed.  If you would like more personalized advice, or have questions or feedback of any kind, please fill out the form below.